Galaxy S23 users still reporting baffling Blur problem

Samsung launched its latest S Series flagship devices the Galaxy S23 smartphones in February this year. However, based on a Samsung S23 user’s claims, the picture isn’t as rosy for Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ owners.

In a detailed Samsung Community post, user reports that as soon as they received their Galaxy S23 smartphone, they noticed a problem with the phone’s camera. “All the time I make photos on the primary 50MP camera, I have blurry and smudged spots. The blurry area makes photos of documents and texts unusable since that part is unreadable, but it’s noticeable in all kinds of photos taken at a distance too. It’s like an unfocused area around the center of the image. I’ve tried to change camera settings, but nothing helps. It’s just extremely annoying, especially when you need to make a clear text photo, but it looks blurry all around the center. I googled it and found related information about that issue. Other Galaxy S23 users also report seeing that. It’s just unbelievable that we have to experience this. It’s a really serious problem with the camera, and I want it to be solved. The problem is unlikely to be software-related, as it persists even after Samsung’s big camera-focused April update. Customers who sent their phones for repairs to the company were sent the device back in the same condition. Someone else had their camera module swapped with another with the exact same issue. Owners of Samsung’s latest flagship phone have been complaining about smudged photos for over a month now. Such a shame. I hope that Samsung can rectify the problem with a software update as soon as possible. I’m not a big fan of making photos, but when you see this all the time, you will be disappointed to have a Samsung flagship smartphone and will never buy it again. I prefer now to take photos using my old S10+ because it’s fine and doesn’t annoy me.,” explains 0x2be3.

Galaxy S23 users still reporting baffling Blur problem

The blur issue appears limited to the S23 and S23+’s main cameras, which include identical 50-megapixel sensors paired with a 24mm equivalent f/1.8 lens. The S23 Ultra, which seems immune to the problem, features a new 200-megapixel image sensor and 24mm f/1.7 lens.

Also, you can try returning the phone for a replacement unit. You need to wait until Samsung rectify the problem with a software update.

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