Google Chrome adopting a cool renovation to the tab strip for foldables and tablets

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and ever-evolving software. It brings a bunch of features and parallelly takes care of precious safety, security, and design elements as well. It also brings its availability to almost all sets of devices including smartphones, computers, and tablets. Therefore, the experience will vary depending on these devices. Apparently, it seems like the tablet and foldable version of Chrome are adopting a cool renovation, that makes changes to the tab strip.

Additionally, the recent update, the same that is visible on the stable version of Chrome 112 depicts a few changes when talking about the tab strip. Its enhanced appearance was observed by one of the folk. At the same time, the tweak is not hit all users so far. On the other hand, the new design has made it very clear which tab is active by offering color highlights to the active tab. In the form of a nice sum-up touch, the color will alter based on your theme settings.

With the new design changes, there is also much more distinction between tabs. This reflects in a change to the design of the outer line of the tab. Alternatively, the user will enable to scroll with the help of a strip, when multiple tabs are open. Sadly, since it’s a server-side update, therefore, users won’t update on their own.

Meanwhile, if you’re curious to see the design changes on to your tablet or foldable. Then you need to punch in chrome://flags/#enable-tab-strip-redesign in your browser and enable the option. While, if this does not work in your case then you need to make some flag changes with chrome://flags/#enable-tab-strip-improvements as well. It is worth noting, to relaunch the Chrome browser after undergoing any flag changes.

Google Chrome

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