Android users in India will be getting a new Google Play Store replacement

Google Play Store is a comprehensive solution across the globe in order to download apps except in China. As the apps listed by developers on Play Store are going through various checks and are verified for quality and malware. Alternatively, considering the recent reports, Android users in India will be getting a new Google Play Store replacement.

According to the latest report, India’s digital payment and financial services firm namely PhonePe is working on an app store. The same going to act as a substitute for the Google Play Store in India. Notably, the digital UPI mobile payment service has a big name. While it is the direct competitor to Google Pay in India.

PhonePe app store will be based on IndusOS

In addition to the information, the new Indian Android App Store apparently developed by PhonePe will list ‘hyper-localized’ apps and services. Also, these apps are expected to feature multilingual support. Whereas, the curious part is that users would need to download this new Indian app store from the Google Play Store only.

Subsequently, TechCrunch went through the internal docs of this app store. And it depicts that the PhonePe will provide a “premier experience for millions of users with high-quality advertisements and custom targeting.” The cherry on the top is, the app will come with 12 different language support along with round-the-clock live chat support.

Meanwhile, PhonePe is reportedly making its new app store, which is based on IndusOS. For those who are not aware then IndusOS is an Indian OS that is backed by Samsung. This has been owned by PhonePe in 2021. In contrast, as per PhonePe spokesperson stated, the company wants to challenge Google Play Store’s app dominance in the country. This is intended to achieve this by not localized apps. But also bringing localized content that focuses on the discovery and consumer interest perspectives.

Google Play store

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