2023’s best keyboard apps for Android

Androids are having some of the best keyboard apps that go great on the best budget phones to amazing phones like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra….!! There are a lot of great keyboard apps on Android that can elevate your typing experience with some unique features. First of all the stock keyboard app comes pre-installed on smartphones these days is plenty for most users.

Therefore,  we have decided to let you know about some of the best keyboard apps for your phone. Here is the list of the best keyboard apps Android has to offer you. Which will help you type faster, with less effort, and also look great. Let’s start under the next heading.

Best overall: Gboard

The most popular and evolving keyboard app, Gboard gets a constant flow of updates and improvements from Google over the past couple of years. Accurate word predictions, smooth glide typing, nifty gesture controls for cursor and deletion, Google Assistant and Google Translate integration, etc., are only a few of the main reasons why Gboard should be your default keyboard.

On devices running Android 12 and above, the keyboard can now sync its theme with your wallpaper. Whereas emoji Kitchen is also a neat feature that lets you merge two emojis to create unique stickers. Gboard comes pre-installed on Google’s Pixel phones out of the box, but you can download it on your other devices for free from the Google Play Store. It’s now as fast and smooth as it can get.

Also great: Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

There are tons of options and controls to personalize your typing experience in Swiftkey, Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard remains one of the most versatile and feature-packed keyboards you can use. Swiftkey makes it very easy to access all the essentials that prevent you to be a hassle for a specific feature that you want to try.

Like Gboard, it also has a quick access bar at the top with shortcuts for GIFs, stickers, clipboards, and the translator. Microsoft is also integrating Bing Chat in Swiftkey to take it to the next level.

Best for visual customizations: Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma has the RGB equivalent of PC keyboards on Android. It adapts to the primary color scheme of the app you’re having. It turns green when texting in WhatsApp, orange while in Gmail, and so on. It comes with dozens of skins and color palettes, including a cool RGB theme. Chrooma also has an extensive set of useful features, including gesture typing, AI-powered contextual word predictions, One Hand Mode, split layout, Night Mode, and many more.

Apart from offering all the keyboard essentials, Fleksy has some unique add-on features called Extensions that you’ll not find in other keyboard apps. You can add a row of the most frequently used emoji, symbols, URLs, and more, and even add cool typing effects. Its auto-correction game is solid, and it also has a clean design that’ll make you feel right at home if you’re coming from something like Gboard.

Fleksy also offers what it refers to it as mini-apps, which lets you browse and share GIFs, memes, stickers, YouTube videos, etc., right from the keyboard. Fleksy has over 100+ themes designed by popular artists, and you can also create your own using a photo from your gallery or Unsplash library.

Chrooma is available for free on the Play Store. However, many of the fancy features require a premium version. 

Best for spell checks: Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly is a non-faint service, Grammarly Keyboard is essentially a keyboard version of that, so you can avoid sending messages with awkward typos and errors. Though it does not have stickers, GIFs, themes, and more alike for you.

Grammarly’s dead-accurate grammar and spell checker will catch most, if not all, of your embarrassing mistakes while also showing you the correct form and usage, so you learn from it and hopefully don’t repeat them. The free version of Grammarly Keyboard gets the job done for casual usage.

In order to provide suggestions on more advanced grammatical issues, tone detection, word choice, fluency, and more, there’s a premium subscription plan for you.

Simple Keyboard gives you a simple, clutter-free keyboard that doesn’t bombard you with gimmicky features. It weighs about 1MB in size and doesn’t ask for any sensitive permission, it only needs single permission: for haptic feedback.

The keyboard focuses on simplicity, privacy, and speed are the main focus points but not the features like emojis, GIFs, spell checkers, and gesture typing.

2023's best keyboard apps for Android

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