Samsung R&D Center in Jordan ranks second in the quality of spoken language

Samsung Electronics Levant officially revealed that it has received a new award for its Research and Development Center, which is hosted by the Kingdom, and whose operations are based on a distinguished elite of Jordanian competencies. According to the official information, it ranked second in terms of quality in understanding and translating spoken words into other languages ​​in products.

This achievement in the challenge aimed at achieving the boundaries of technology to create new language models capable of classifying, analyzing and processing voice data (commands) directed from humans to devices to meet them efficiently, quickly and with high accuracy, and without the need for any intermediate text processors, came from the deep machine learning model And synchronous automatic speech recognition smoothly and smoothly “End to End Model”, which was introduced by Samsung Research and Development Center – Jordan.

Samsung R&D Center in Jordan

For your information, the Samsung Research and Development Center – Jordan was established in 2014. Core research topics for these centers include artificial intelligence, data intelligence, next-generation communications, robotics, Tizen, life care and new experiences, next-generation media, and security.

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