Galaxy S23 Bow-Wow Edition launched with Bow-Wow UI in Korea

Samsung has officially launched the Galaxy S23 Bow-Wow edition in Korea. With the new variant, it is possible to diagnose diseases such as arthritis, dislocation, glaucoma, etc. as well as body composition analysis and stress diagnosis with a single photo. The phone gallery will now be filled with memories. Let’s go beyond sticking out the soles of the feet and take a nice selfie just by sticking out the tongue!

Galaxy S23 Bow-Wow

High-five soles for your own diet

Put the foot sole jelly on the screen and the body nutrition diagnosis begins!
You can check the customized diet for each dog that AI analyzes and suggests, and shop for the groceries you need right away at the e-food hall!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Bow-Wow

Unlock quickly and accurately with one touch of the tip of the nose to the inscription scanner! There is no problem wearing sunglasses or dang-dang shoes!

If you connect your smartphone to the drone, you can repeat the ‘fetch’ game endlessly without a butler, and you can get guidance on smelly walking trails in real time!

Now you can take long walks and long trips without worrying about batteries! When the sun goes down and the stars rise, you can charge it only with the starlight, so you can go for a night walk or a trip to the backcountry with peace of mind!

Galaxy S23 Bow-Wow Edition

Bow-Wow UI

If you put the Galaxy S23 Bow-Wow Edition on the window with starlight, you can enjoy starlight charging indoors! With the Bow-Wow UI, setting up your own Galaxy is easier! Customize various details such as lock screen, theme, widgets, notifications and more!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Bow-Wow Edition

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Galaxy S23 Bow-Wow variant

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