Google Wallet arrive in Japan replacing Google Pay

The foremost arrival of Google was announced last year in May at I/O 2022, and a few weeks later come into use. On the same occasion, Google said Wallet was “coming soon” to Japan.

The Google Pay app already on your phone will get an update and become Google Wallet. It was one of the rollout exceptions alongside India sticking with GPay, and the US and Singapore getting Wallet and keeping GPay.

Therefore, Google Wallet is all set to roll out gradually via the Play Store for Japan. This is The app sees some tweaks to the home screen to accommodate the country’s various payment methods.

If you have existing electronic money, transportation IC cards (Suica / PASMO), credit cards, and debit cards stored in Google Pay, they will be automatically transferred to Google Wallet.

Google Wallet continues to spread across the world since its rollout. With tested digital driver’s license support in the US, and added whimsical transaction animations Google Wallet is available more. As says the source, Google is yet to add more features to Wallet on Wear OS, like transit card support.

Google Wallet arrive in Japan replacing Google Pay

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