Android 14 (One UI 6) volume slider might get a small but bring change

It is expected to have a bundle of new updates in Android further this year. In this wave of excitement with respect to forthcoming updates, we can’t skip realizing many minor tweaks or alterations. Reportedly as per Mishaal Rahman, the Android volume slider probably undergo alteration whereby it changes its height as per device screen size.

It is worth remembering here that Google come up with a vertical volume slider with Android 9 a long time back in 2018. It depicts the change with respect to a slider that stretched horizontally across the screen. While the placement of the slider must coincide with the position of the hardware volume buttons.

On one hand, it seems to be neat while on the other hand, it can be a bit weird pertaining to taller devices. Since it has fixed dimensions, therefore it looks quite good on medium and smaller screens. As reciprocal to this, it seems pretty small on big-screen devices.

Android the volume slider is proportional to the device’s screen size

Since the smaller volume slider seems awkward on a larger display but it going to change. Recently, one of the tweets from Mishaal Rahman, whereby reveal Google’s plans for this. As there was some new commit append to the AOSP which clues at the volume slider being proportional to the device’s screen size.

Thus, depending on the size of the display you have, the height of the volume slider varies accordingly. However, it’s not the major update to Android but it adds a good visual appeal.

The code of this alteration is discovered in the Android 13 QPR Beta 1. But, it’s more likely that it will not come with the next feature drop. Rather Google acquires the feature with Android 14. As this version of the operating system is in preview as of now. While its beta is expected to release in the coming months.

Android 14 (One UI 6) volume slider might get a small but bring change

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