Galaxy S23 Series battery saving tips

Samsung Galaxy S23 is hell out rocking around for its brand-full gesture and cunning feature under the hood, well this guide is specially prepared about the battery tips of it…!! With flexible working hours and easy usage, battery plays a vital role in each of your smartphones, talking in the Galaxy S23 era, this is been avail to give more endurance.

Let’s take a look below at what more you can actually afford while having Samsung Galaxy S23’s extended battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S23 battery tips: Extend battery life

Keeping foremost, Samsung has equipped the recent S23 flagship with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, a powerful yet embracing part in the making of the Galaxy S23lineip. In particular, Galaxy S23 Ultra reviews mainly found the battery life that makes the biggest impression here.

There are more possibilities that could be adapted while even extending the battery life of your Galaxy S23 by turning some buttons. Or rather: with some smart adjustments in your Settings. Some of them are specific to the Galaxy S23 series, but most of them can also be applied to another Galaxy. And of course, you can do a lot more to save every microwatt of energy, but let’s face it: there is a limit to what is really useful.

Adjust performance profile

Samsung phones are taking advantage of the Galaxy S23’s Performance Profile feature. Only the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 already had this option – and now the S23 series as well.

Go to Battery and device care via Settings and choose the Battery there. Scroll down and tap More battery settings. Under the heading Performance profile, you can now choose Light. Your Galaxy S23 is now not functionally limited but simply puts more emphasis on cooling and energy consumption during optimization.

Notably, the settings in the Performance profile DO NOT affect how your Galaxy S23 handles games. So even in the Light mode, your phone can still pull out all the stops to run a game as well as possible. To adjust gaming performance, go to Game Booster in the Game Launcher app via More. There you will find the Game optimization option where you can choose between Performance (as powerful as possible), Standard (balanced), and Battery saver (as economical as possible).

Power saving

Power Saving is meant for you to save more energy and doesn’t mind a more rigorous approach. Then check the Savings mode. If you put your finger on the icon a little longer, you will immediately see all the options. You can choose what limits you when you turn on Low Power. For example, you can disable the Always on Display, limit the processor speed to 70% of the maximum, and dim your screen brightness by 10%.

The option to turn off 5G is perhaps a bit over the top – especially if you just pay money for your 5G subscription. And with the Restrict apps and Home screen options, you can experiment if you feel like it.

The ‘smartest’ is the hidden option. Tap the three dots at the top right and choose Custom Power Save. You then leave it to your Galaxy to determine which adjustment makes the most sense for your usage patterns.

Do you still want a game of high-end gaming? Then you can quickly switch off the Energy saving mode via the shortcut on the notifications screen.

Default refresh rate: 60 Hz

You can find another way to clearly improve the battery life of your Galaxy S23 in the Display settings. If you’re willing to give up a bit of the ultra-smooth user experience, you can save some battery life by choosing Standard under Smooth Motion. The phone now refreshes the screen at a maximum of 60 Hz instead of 120. It saves energy – depending on what you do with your phone – by up to 20%.


Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use

If you’re not out and about with wireless earphones, watches, or other Bluetooth accessories, simply turn off Bluetooth completely. The same goes for the Wi-Fi connection option. Do you know that you are not going to use a Wi-Fi network for a while? Then just turn off Wi-Fi.

Lower your screen brightness

One of the points that the Power Saving mode also adjusts is the screen brightness of your Galaxy (S23). But you can also do this yourself, manually. For that, there is a bar in the Quick panel. To always adjust the brightness manually faster, first, make sure that it is always shown on the notifications screen. Swipe the entire Quick panel into view – swipe down two – and then tap the three dots at the top right. Now choose Layout Quick panel. Under the heading Brightness slider, you now set Always display.

Whether or not you have Adjustable brightness enabled, with the bar, you always manually control the relative brightness of your display. Move it to the left, and it will darken. Devices like the Galaxy S23 have a screen that can become extremely bright when needed. But that way they also consume a lot of energy. With the controller, you keep a little grip on how bright the display really becomes.

Use the Dark mode

Dark Mode can opt to get the most out of the battery of their Galaxy S23. So at least you can still opt to use Dark Mode. You can also enable it via the Quick panel. Menus now become dark and use less energy. That’s just how an AMOLED screen works: when everything is black, no energy is used. Therefore, darker is always more economical.

If you’re thinking ‘wait, choose a black background image too!’ then you understand exactly how the fork is in the stem. To make it easy you can find an efficient black background image HERE.

Keep an eye on your apps

If the battery of your Galaxy S23 suddenly drains much faster than before, an application may be the cause. Think: what apps have you installed lately? You can check for yourself which apps are consuming the most energy via Settings -> Battery and device care -> Battery. Tap Show details to see which apps used the most power since the last full charge. You can also choose the statistics of the past seven days.

Though all apps are not suspected, there are some frequently used apps that tend to eat an unusual piece of your battery. Therefore it is also needed to know how much time you use a certain app, to estimate whether the consumption is problematic. To make this easy, the overview also immediately shows how many hours an app was active. This will generate an idea to relieve a battery.

Concluding segment…

As mentioned, there are ultimately many more ways and small optimizations that can contribute to extending the battery life of your Galaxy S23 or other Samsung phone. Therefore, the above-mentioned tops are all there to help you out regarding the battery era in the recent flagship of Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S23 tips and tricks

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