WhatsApp users can now link up to four devices to their account

In the recent movement, WhatsApp multi-device support now be capable of letting you connect even more devices to their primary WhatsApp accounts….!! Yeah, isn’t it amazing, well in today’s working life people are compelled to surround or carry at least three devices or more to establish themself for seeing the same, WhatsApp multi-device support allows you to link four devices to their account at a time.

This article particularly made aware you of the latest development to WhatsApp multi-device support.

WhatsApp users can now link up to four devices to their account

The WhatsApp official tweet assures that its multi-device support is getting an upgrade. Which is intended to make your messaging experience more seamless and convenient, even if your phone goes offline. The tweet assures users that they can confidently use WhatsApp chats on other devices since the chats keep flowing, syncing, and end-to-end encrypted on all four devices.

Including a tablet, laptop, or desktop you can link your primary WhatsApp account to any compatible device. This gives users the much-needed flexibility to switch devices at their will while still staying connected to their contacts. And the ability for all devices to stay synced and working even when the primary phone runs out of battery is a considerable upgrade considering older versions required the phone to be online for WhatsApp to work on linked devices.

WhatsApp Multi-Device Support: How To Link Multiple Devices To Your WhatsApp Account?

Well, it’s quite simple to link multiple devices to your WhatsApp account. You only need to scan the QR code on the device you wish to link from the primary device. Here’s how you can link devices to your WhatsApp account.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your primary phone.
  2. Click on the three-dot icon on the top of Android and the gear icon at the bottom on iOS.
  3. Tap on the Linked Devices option on the next page.
  4. Tap on the Link a Device option.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Open the WhatsApp Web page on the device you wish to link.
  7. Scan the QR code shown on the screen with the primary device.
  8. Your device will now be linked to your WhatsApp account until you log out.

These above steps can follow anytime in desire any further device to link WhatsApp. Hope this helps, stay tuned to know more about it via @Samnews24…

WhatsApp users can now link up to four devices to their account

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