Netflix is bringing 40 new games to your Galaxy phone soon

Netflix is one of the most preferred destinations for in-house entertainment. Since almost all famous movies and web series across the globe are seamlessly accessible on the platform in a single touch. Reportedly, the platform is going out for gaming as well. This year, the streaming behemoth strategically plans to stretch its expanding portfolio of games. This is achieved by releasing them for Galaxy phones and other Android phones.

Through its official post, the streaming giant disclosed that it would sum up 40 more gaming titles to its platform in the coming days. While it’s working on 30 more with the gaming players like Ubisoft and Super Evil Megacorp. In addition to this, Netflix is also working on its home producing 16 new games with its in-house gaming studio.

Netflix will launch a Ubisoft-exclusive Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace

Notably, Netflix reveals in 2023, it will going to release new games every month. It comprises Ubisoft’s exclusive Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, which will be released on April 18.

Now news of celebration for Assassins Creed enthusiasts also. As Netflix is anticipated to come with a game from the franchise soon. Alternatively, this also deliberately works with UsTwo Games, in order to sum up Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 to its platform in 2024 respectively.

The primary motive of Netflix is to produce games based on popular web series available on the platform. For instance, the game ‘Too Hot to Handle: Love is A Game,’ is based on Netflix’s unscripted dating show, and the game has the same name. While, Netflix is thinking to add a new game, sometime this year.

Notably, Netflix proceed into gaming in 2021, and it consistently expanding since by last year. By now, the company has 55 games on aggregate in its portfolio spreading across diverse genres. The games can be accessed on the Netflix app on devices like iPhones, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, or any other Android phone or tablet.


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