6 Ways to Fix GPS if not working on your Android Smartwatch

GPS isn’t working on your Android smartwatch? Then this is the perfect place for you to help with ways you can try one by another to fix the issue with your Samsung Galaxy Watch or other Wear OS Smartwatch’s GPS.

Well, Android smartwatches are the perfect tool for tracking exercises including the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Pixel Watch. They make it easy to record distances and routes walked, hiked, or run.

But what if your GPS is making your mind out? Surely we have the answer if your GPS isn’t working or the connection keeps dropping on your Wear OS watch. You may try out some of the ways listed below to fix the issue with your GPS. Firstly it may need you to find it is not working, meanwhile what exactly is the problem.

What making your Watch GPS disconnects

The GPS or Global Positioning System your smartwatch onnect with satellites miles above your head. The GPS antenna in your watch is unlikely to be very powerful, less powerful even than the GPS antenna in your phone. That means it is relatively easy for the signal to be obstructed. Simply being inside a house can cause the GPS to disconnect. Also, GPS can be stop serving due to low power or battery-saver modes.

1. Go Outside and Restart the Watch

Occupying such a place inside a building or far beyond the reach of the signals disconnected GPS. Then you must be move outside to get connection to refresh. If the GPS doesn’t connect automatically, remain outside and restart the watch. Then try checking your location in the Maps app.

If your watch’s GPS disconnects every time you spend time inside, the building or the surrounding buildings could be the problem. Something you can try is connecting your watch to something with a better GPS antenna.

2. Reconnect Your Phone and Watch Via Bluetooth

If your watch and phone are not currently connected via Bluetooth, reconnecting can kickstart the GPS on your watch. If you have previously connected the watch to your phone, this should be as easy as re-enabling Bluetooth on both devices.

Though, many wearable smart devices, including watches, can use GPS independently. But they can also piggyback off the back of your phone’s more stable and powerful GPS capabilities whenever the two devices are connected.

3. Update the Smartwatch OS and App

The GPS errors could be a recognized problem, which has been fixed or improved in a recent software update. Checking for and installing any available updates for both the watch and the phone app might fix your GPS problem.

Check for updates for the app on your phone, such as the Galaxy Wearables app, in the usual way. To check for updates for the watch, open the settings on the watch and look for the Software update section.

4. Try a Different App That Uses GPS

Your GPS problems could be confined to a single app rather than affecting everything on your watch. Test this by switching to another app that uses GPS. Something like the MapMyRun or Strava apps will do.

Open your chosen app and view the map or GPS tracking tool. If your location is displayed correctly, you’ll know that GPS is working and the app you were using previously was likely the problem.

5. Remove Your Metal Watch Band

Changing the band on your Android smartwatch is a simple task, and there are hundreds of available bands to choose from. That makes it possible to match the look of the watch to your own individual style. Unfortunately, if you have chosen a metal watch band, it could be the cause of your GPS problems.

The GPS sensor in phones and smartwatches is a finely-balanced component. Placing too much metal close to the sensor, such as in a metal band, can interfere with the GPS signal.

You need to change the non-metal band, you can even test this solution by removing. In case this work it might need you to buy a new band. You can purchase an official one from the watch manufacturer. These will have been thoroughly tested with the watch to ensure no interference with the internal sensors.

6. Reset the Smartwatch to Fix the GPS

Resetting your smartwatch  can be an option you can take of if nothing avove is working. The method of resetting the watch will vary between devices. There should be a reset option in your smartwatch settings or in the wearables app on your phone.

On a Galaxy Watch, you go to Settings > General > Reset. After resetting the watch, you can start fresh. If a rogue setting or app was causing the GPS failure, it should now be fixed.

6 Ways to Fix GPS if not working on Your Android Smartwatch

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