Google Waze still does not support Android Auto Coolwalk

Google‘s own navigation app Waze does not support Android Auto’s “Coolwalk” dashboard since its update has been around for a couple of months now. In the same sense, things are evolving.

Prior to the debut “Coolwalk” beta came to notice that Waze was lacking support for Android Auto’s new dashboard view. This left early users frustrated, but there was at least hope that the update would be ready in the not-too-distant future.

Lately, in January, Waze in beta came first to support the dashboard though still many users are yet to get the update. As soon as it arrived, it also retreated for some users without any explanation.

At present, the latest beta update to Waze reinstates support for Android Auto “Coolwalk.” Users on Reddit report the change following app version 4.93.5.X via the Play Store.

Google Waze still does not support Android Auto Coolwalk

As per the source, it is sad, the beta program is currently full, and sideloading the update does work, with dashboard support showing up immediately on Waze v4.93.5.5.

Well, this remains faded, and questioned what exactly may be preventing this functionality to be there, hope this may be there or admired when restored.

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