Samsung registered 5 new trademarks related to better TV audio

Samsung has recently filed a number of trademarks related to better audio on its TVs. The all-new trademarks were registered under the Application category. Below check the Samsung new trademark’s names.

5 new Samsung trademarks related to better audio

  • More WOW than Ever™
  • More WOW Playing Games™
  • Complete WOW Theater Experience™
  • Perfectly Matched to get More WOW Than Ever™
  • Experience the WOW Difference™

Samsung 5 new trademarks for TV Audio

Meanwhile, Samsung has recently registered two trademarks related to AR/VR technology as well. The company has recently submitted two trademark applications to the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for Galaxy Glasses and the Samsung Galaxy Ring. The patent describes the Galaxy Ring as a smart device “for measuring health indicators and/or sleep” in the form of a ring.

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