Samsung Knox Suite: Everything you need to know

Well, this is a nowhere hidden fact, Samsung defines diversification, thereby Knox is another great service provider platform that flourishes under the brand tag. Samsung Knox provides hardware and software security features that allow business and personal content to coexist on the same device. Knox integrates web services to assist organizations in managing fleets of mobile devices, which allows IT administrators to register new devices, and identify a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) system.

As many organizations are heading toward the same place in their enterprise mobility journey — a point of increased productivity, greater security, and an enhanced customer experience — but the paths to get there have become more winding and difficult to navigate than they should be.

Offering IT and business leaders a comprehensive way to achieve their enterprise mobility objectives, combining the powerful controls of KPE with comprehensive tools to enroll devices. Knox Suite as well manages policies and control firmware updates, under a single hood.

Samsung cloud-based solutions — like Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME), Knox Manage, Knox Enterprise Firmware-Over-the-Air (E-FOTA), and, more recently, Knox Asset Intelligence — give customers the levers they need to efficiently deploy, manage and analyze their device fleet.

In a way of expedition, Samsung continues to extend and integrate more capabilities. The organization believes it will change the way they think about their mobility strategy, and it will make them more confident and successful in execution.

A consolidated approach to solving complex problems

Samsung’s Knox Suite avoids the dangers of being overwhelmed by the complexity of so many choices by curating a master set of tools. Building the addition on the house, in other words, but in a way that will ease the process of adding an extra door or window later on.

Unlikely, a lot of enterprise mobility initiatives involve legwork — not unlike wandering a hardware store in hopes of building a new addition to your house. One will find all the tools, materials, and components if you browse the aisles long enough. What’s harder to find, in most cases, is the best way to put all those pieces together to achieve your vision.

How Knox Suite helps future-proof your enterprise mobility strategy

Samsung provides future-proof your enterprise mobility strategy through enhancements to Knox Suite. Starting this past July, for instance, Samsung began offering KPE at no cost. Thereafter, Samsung is also building upon the products that fall within Knox Suite. This includes KME, which streamlines bulk enrollment for an entire fleet of devices into an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.

In March 2021, Samsung introduced KME Direct to address bulk enrollment needs for customers with on-premise networks or limited bandwidth environments. KME Direct allows IT admins to create an enrollment profile and send a QR code to each device user. At that point, the device user can unbox, set up and configure their device on their own. This brings an end to manual installation and offers automatic installation of the required software, security settings, and configurations provisioned by the enterprise.

Knox Asset Intelligence allows real-time reporting and deep insights on everything from device health and battery life to app stability, connectivity, and location tracking. This visibility into device-specific data can help businesses make decisions on improving productivity, take proactive measures on device maintenance, and promote better utilization of assets.

Knox Asset Intelligence updated with greater capabilities

Like the rest of Knox Suite, Knox Asset Intelligence is regularly being updated with greater capabilities, such as remote log management, which allows IT to remotely pull logs from any corporately managed device in the fleet at any time. With Knox Suite, Samsung customers also maximize the benefits of being part of our ecosystem, because you’re now working with tools that will future-proof the investment you’ve made with our other products and services.

Customers with less complex requirements may want to continue to invest in these products separately. For businesses who do need that fuller view though, Knox Suite will provide an end-to-end solution. It will make management simpler for admins. It will also let organizations avoid having to distinguish between the features of one solution versus another because it consolidates everything that a modern mobile enterprise needs.

Extending the value of Samsung Knox

Samsung’s values turn more prominent when Samsung Knox emerged, as it was the first to market with hardware-based security technology that IT professionals could trust to protect mobile data. Knox Suite reflects Samsung’s progress in its own journey.

Facing challenges carve their potential in more ways. As innovative mobile apps began to streamline industry workflows, operations leaders needed to configure devices to give workers the most productive, intuitive experience possible. They needed the solutions would be user-friendly enough that their team could quickly adapt to the new processes.

Primarily, Samsung Knox will always offer the defense-grade security architecture that’s anchored to the hardware at the point of manufacturing. Knox Suite, however, indicates where we’re ultimately headed. Knox Suite also addresses the need of supporting the entire enterprise mobility journey from start to finish. As traditional silos between IT and the rest of the business are steadily and necessarily breaking down. The resulting collaboration requires an all-in-one platform that empowers everyone in the enterprise.

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