DRAM: Samsung foundry sales this year are highly likely to exceed

Shrinkage in the global DRAM market because of the inventory burden and reduced prices. Resultant, a considerable variation with respect to the sales aspect of Samsung Electronics‘ semiconductor division is expected.  Concurrently, there’s a possibility that foundry sales will exceed the DRAM prices this year. Since the foundry industry is less sensitive to the market due to its diverse range as well as chips are customizable as per order. It is anticipated that a significant change in Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor business structure that relies on memory is in full swing.

While adding up the forecast of market research companies Trendforce, Omdia, and the stock market recently. It is concluded that Samsung Electronics foundry sales this year are very likely could be better than DRAM.

However, Samsung Electronics does not specifically reveal the sales of its DRAM, NAND flash, and foundry divisions. Thus, at this point in time, only estimation can be made via market research companies or stock prices.

As per Trendforce analysis, Samsung Electronics foundry last year’s revenue was $218.9100 billion. Out of which $1.53 billion in the first quarter, $2800.2 billion in the second quarter, $55.8800 billion in the third quarter, and $3.55 billion in the fourth quarter respectively. While the foundry’s annual revenue was $8400.4 billion. Moving forward, DRAM revenue was found to be $345.2000 billion during the same period of time.

A Samsung Electronics official, who requested anonymity, said, “Samsung Electronics’ foundry business is not expected to record negative growth this year despite various deteriorating market conditions.”

DRAM Sales Prediction

The DRAM interpretation is not as good as predicted. Also, Omdia has subsequently lowered its expectation of the DRAM market size this year. This is from $595.416 billion to $20.1 billion. Whereas, Stock price expectations are similar. Believing on various stock market analysis reports, Samsung Electronics DRAM sales are predicted to be 170-180 billion US dollars this year.

After all, even if conservatively calculated, Samsung Electronics’ expected foundry revenue this year will be more than $200 billion, and DRAM will be less than $180 billion. Even if cautiously calculated, Samsung Electronics expected foundry revenue this year will be more than $200 billion. whereas DRAM will be less than $180 billion.

In addition to this Samsung Electronics developed the world’s third 1983K DRAM, the same bring out the semiconductor business. It also tags to developing the world’s first 64M DRAM in 1992 and securing first place. In contrast, the company has never missed any single opportunity to be number one for more than 64 years.

An industry insider said, “The symbolic significance of Samsung Electronics’ DRAM business is so great that the formula ‘Samsung Electronics = DRAM’ is widely used,” adding, “The DRAM market this year is truly unpredictable, but if foundry sales surpass DRAM, this year will be recorded as a very meaningful year in the history of Samsung Electronics’ semiconductors.”

Samsung DRAM sales

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