Samsung One UI 5.1 Bugs rising up, what’s the solution? [S23, S22, S21 and more]

Samsung Galaxy S23, S22, S21, and more device users have reported that the latest One UI 5.1 update consists of several bugs. The bug reports were listed just after Samsung released the One UI 5.1 update to the first batch of devices. As per the bug reports, the last year’s flagships are experiencing increased battery drain following the update.

Some reported that the Samsung Keyboard causing the issue, and support pages are suggesting users clear out the cache and data of the app and then restart the phone. Other reported that there is a bug in the camera and Google Assistant.

Samsung One UI 5.1 Bugs/Problems/Issues list

  • Bugs in Modes and Routines
  • Bugs in Color Palette
  • Bugs in the Camera app
  • Google Assistant no longer be able to perform
  • Battery Drain

Samsung Note 20 Ultra One UI 5.1 Bug – Battery Drain

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra user said “In my Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra, I update the latest version of Android One UI 5.1 version I feels so many problems. One major problem is Heating and it draining fast.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra One UI 5.1 Bug – Camera Shutter Lag

What the problem boils down to is the processing of these photos. Samsung’s camera software seems to struggle tremendously. The biggest problem throughout comes from motion blur, which is very common in shots of people and animals. Movement during the time the camera captures the shot leads to faces, hands, and more being blurred – it’s known as shutter lag. This doesn’t always ruin the shot – sometimes it can actually look nice – but in most cases, it’s just not a desirable look. – 9To5Google.

S22 & S8 Tab Microphone Issues after OneUI 5.1 Update

I don’t think I’ve seen this anywhere after searching around a bunch, but I am having issues with both mics in my Galaxy S22 after the OneUI 5.1 update. Nothing is being picked up by either mic, even when it’s saying that I’m currently using it in the status bar. This is also an issue with my S8 Ultra Tablet as of a couple days. This is making it makes it impossible to answer calls from either device as I can never be heard at all when speaking no matter it it’s an SIM call or through apps like MS Teams.
Samsung S22 user

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra One UI 5.1 Android Auto Bug

I have the same issue. It keeps telling me that I have to enable Google Maps permissions and that I should “check my notifications” or something like they’re sending me something that I should be clicking on to enable the permissions – except they don’t send me anything. There is no notification. Nothing to click on. When I go into Android Auto or in Google Maps, there is no option to give it additional permissions, or whatever it is that it’s looking for. At the moment, Android Auto is a brick on this phone and it does not function. – Google Support Page

One UI 5.1 Bugs Solution

Samsung One UI 5.1 Bug Solution

Samsung will soon release a new update to fix these bugs. According to users on Reddit, Samsung is already aware of the problem of One UI 5.1 and should address it soon. So far the update was released to over 32 Galaxy devices including the Galaxy S22, S21, and S20 series – including FE models – and on the Z Fold/Flip gen 3/4 and more.

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