Google app brings Ads personalization with Privacy & Security settings

Google is continuously working for their user experience better and more convenient every day than earlier. Now with this dedication, as a part of the broader Material You redesign, the Google app is featured with new shortcuts in order to get quick access to “Ads personalization,” the same was recently revamped.

Apart from a Material You, the bottom bar, and account menu. Also, the renovated Google app on Android adopts new settings. This improvisation adds a “Privacy & Security” menu that offers “Search customization.” Simultaneously, there’s bring a shortcut to “Ads personalization.”

This brings the all-new Google My Ad Center launched in November, to the “Manage Privacy” tab. With this, you can turn on/off “Personalized ads,” present at the top right corner, have a look below.

  • Your Google Account info: Gender, Age, Language
  • Categories used to show you ads: Relationships, Household income, Education, Industry, Employer size, Homeownership, Parenting
  • The activity used to personalize ads: Web & App Activity, YouTube History, Areas where you’ve used Google

It is worth noting here that, the Google app’s Material You redesign with Security & Privacy and Ads personalization is not been widely rolled out so far. While, user can access it directly at, in order to customize advertising topics and brands.

Also, it is kept in mind that, how the description for the Personalization menu above comprises “Media Providers.” This is supposedly in preparation for how the Pixel Tablet’s, Google brings feed will enable movie and TV recommendations.

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