Samsung 2023 Neo QLED and Lifestyle TV lineups received the Circadian Rhythm Display

Samsung has officially announced that its 2023 Neo QLED and Lifestyle TV devices received the ‘Circadian Rhythm Display’ certification from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE) in Singapore.

A leading electrical engineering certification institute in Germany. The certification underscores Samsung’s commitment to developing technology and products designed with consumers top of mind.

The latest Samsung products provide better Eye Comfort mode and an optimal viewing experience for consumers.

VDE’s certification validates the benefits of Eye Comfort mode on users’ circadian rhythm by measuring circadian stimulus at different illuminance levels and assessing the impact on melatonin suppression. The certification process complies with the Circadian Stimulus method based on the research results of the Lighting Research Center in the U.S. Samsung TVs has released several received ‘Eye Care’ certification from VDE and ‘Glare-Free’ validation from UL.

Samsung 2023 Neo QLED and Lifestyle TV

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