Everything you need to know about Samsung Flip Pro Display

With the rapid enhancement in the digitalization of the workspace. Samsung’s all-new digital whiteboard, the Flip Pro (WMB), has emerged to be a transformative solution. It enables a wide variety of users including students, teachers, and colleagues to work together. As it brings various new tools and accessibility support to digital transition. The Flip Pro comes with enhanced usability and go-getter flexibilities. This is greater enough, to increase audience productivity and engagement.

Best-in-class multi-touch

It doesn’t matter, would be it a boardroom or classroom, Samsung’s best-in-class multi-touch display allows you to bring bold new ideas. With a dormancy of just 26ms, the Flip Pro enables prediction logic in order to ensure real life, smooth drawing experience with 2,048 points of pressure that are built directly into the display. Additionally, it enables multi-touch for up to 20 people, as it is equipped with the fastest and the most latest touch technology by Samsung.

Collaborate seamlessly

For smooth and engaging collaboration in the digitalized workspace, the Flip Pro enables easy access to multimedia content. Since, it provides easy connectivity options that include USB, HDMI, DP, and OPS slots. Users can easily connect the display of any network and other devices via a LAN port and wireless screen mirroring. Furthermore, it offers 3-in-1 USB-C connectivity with a single port for screen mirroring.

In addition to this, WebRTC (Real Time Communication) and AirPlay 2 make enable users to project video content from their mobile devices to the display. On the other hand, SmartView’s capabilities make certain networking irrespective of the video caller’s location.

Designed with comfort and security in mind

It is designed to blend smoothly and seamlessly into the background despite any space, making it easy to use. Since Flip Pro is structured to blend with its surroundings. It is available in 55’’, 65’’, 75”, and 85” sizes options. In addition to this, the Flip Pro offers users easy and secure access to remote PC, network drives, and other third-party applications such as Office 365 and VMWare thanks to Knox.

Everything you need to know about Samsung Flip Pro Display

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