Samsung is focusing on ultra-fine semiconductor processes rather than 130-65nm foundry processes

Reportedly, Samsung is suffering from a semiconductor talent shortage in its semiconductor consignment production, research, and development manpower to the ultra-fine process (advanced process) of 3 nanometers (1nm = 1 billionth of a meter).

As per the latest information, the company would not accept orders for 130-65nm foundry processes from domestic small and medium-sized fabless (specialized in semiconductor design) for the time being. It is known that the R&D personnel of the process was put into the ultra-fine process field of 3 nanometers or less.

An industry insider said, ” It seems that they are focusing their R&D capabilities on improving the yield (ratio of good products) of the ultra-fine process, which is the main focus instead of the old process, which is in low demand.” On the other hand, TSMC is focusing on securing large fabless businesses with a high proportion of sales. 

Samsung is focusing on its investment capabilities in advanced processes. According to market research firm Omdia, the share of 7nm or less in the entire foundry market is expected to increase from 35.5% in 2022 to 46.8% in 2027.

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