Apple and Samsung account for 3 out of 5 global tablet shipped during Q4 2022

An unpredicted rapid change in the economy and continued efforts to overcome the harsh impact of finance of the Covid-19 pandemic have caused the tablet market to fall by 8% in Q4 2022, as compared to the past year….!!

In Q4 2022, the tablet market is to decline at a slower pace than the last five quarters to 44.2 million units. In my opinion, the TechInsights documentary particularly prepared to detail the finance accommodation showed delayed purchases from Q3 have paid off for consumers looking for holiday deals.

Although, Apple and Samsung have maintained positions at the top among leading brands as these two companies have posted growth during the holiday season. While the competitive landscape changes to meet post-pandemic demand patterns, Apple and Samsung took a combined 58% share of the global tablet market. This closed off the year at 162.1 million units shipped for a 12% YoY decline as the world dealt with war, economic instability, and the pandemic.

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How tablet-makers performed differently in Q4 2022

Particularly Samsung shipments were slightly better than expected at 7.7 million units, growing 5% year-on-year and topping the Android market. Thus said in the report that Apple and Samsung accounted for 3 out of 5 global tablets shipped during Q4 2022. The Cupertino giant’s shipments grew by 15% YoY to 18.1 million units. This was a favorable comparison to its supply-constrained results in 2021.

Instead of this, Amazon Fire Tablet shipments fell 16% to 4.9 million units. The e-tailer outperformed most competitors in the low tier. Furthermore, under the pressure from smaller vendors in China and larger vendors in Europe Lenovo shipments were reduced by 49% to reach 2.3 million units. The pace of Huawei’s decline has also improved as shipments reduced 21 % YoY to hit 1.4 million units.

The estimation all make market change than before, however, the latest US sanctions may complicate further improvements. Industry analyst Chirag Upadhyay has claimed that…

” wealthier consumers continue to buy premium tier devices from Samsung, while Amazon worked on clearing out inventory and ended lower for the quarter. “

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