Galaxy S23 Camera Features: Night Photography, Enhanced OIS, 300x Astro Hyperlapse and more

Samsung at the Galaxy S23 Unpacked event introduced the new Galaxy S23 Series along with the Galaxy Book 3 Series and One UI 5.1. The key highlight of the event was the all-new S23 camera features. Yes, you read that right, the Galaxy S23 Ultra packs a 200MP main camera with improved Nightography Video, Nightography Photo, professional-grade shooting, and more.

Here in this article, we will check the in-depth explanation of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series camera.

1. Video

If you like to shoot videos outdoors or indoors, with the all-new Samsung S23 Galaxy Camera, you can experience the best video shooting ever, including more stable and clear Nightography Video, high-resolution video, and professional shooting experience.

Galaxy S23 Series Camera Features 1

Stable and Clear Nightography Video

Enhanced AI-powered ISP

The Galaxy S23 Series comes with enhanced NPU and GPU that boast smartphone performance. It makes you shoot the best night video recording on a brighter and clearer sensor with an improved AI-powered ISP.

The upgraded AI-powered ISP separates the noise to be removed from the data component to be retained through additional multi-frame compositing processing, reducing noise while maintaining sharpness. You can now capture sharp and clear images at night.

Enhanced OIS + Adaptive VDIS

We recently saw a video sample of the Galaxy S23 Ultra OIS (Optimal Image Stabilization) sensor and believe us this time Samsung really improved the anti-shake. Now, the camera is steady. The S23 Ultra supports more stable image stabilization with an OIS movement range that is twice as wide as the previous version. Also, the motion blur and light trailing are reduced and more stable video recording is possible.

Galaxy S23 Camera Features OIS

High-resolution video

8K 30 fps

Samsung in its latest Galaxy S23 lineup improved the image processing performance by more than 20%, 8K 30fps is supported for all S23 series, and better and smoother 8K shooting is possible not only during the day but also at night a wider angle of view (S23 Ultra) and improved image quality compared to the previous model. (For cinematic video recording, 8K 24fps is still supported in the pro video).

Galaxy S23 Camera Features 8K 30 fps

4K Super HDR

The Galaxy S23 Series includes a new level of video dynamic range that is improved by supporting 12-bit Video HDR from the wide angle, ultra-wide angle, and front camera to 4K 60fps. Apart from the 4K, the Super HDR technology is also applied in Hyperlapse and Portrait Video modes.

4K Portrait Video

For shooting portrait videos now UHD (30 fps) resolution is supported and improved AI Segmentation technology will enable more accurate boundary representation and Gradual Blur rendering effects will allow you to shoot portrait videos with natural effects depending on the distance.

Galaxy S23 Camera Features 4K Portrait Video

QHD Super Steady

By selecting SuperSteady in 4K resolution, you can record in QHD resolution, and you can record very stable footage even with fast camera movements such as running.

Professional-level shooting experience


[Astro Hyperlapse]

The latest Galaxy S23 camera now allows you to capture starts at 300x speed at night by using 10-second long exposure. Based on auto speed, the left side is night speed , the right side is normal speed, and the new 300x night speed on the left is suitable for shooting Astro Hyperlapse.

Samsung recommends you use a tripod for stable shooting. One hour of recording at 300x speed can create a movie about 12 seconds long.

[ Recording End Timer ] Using the Recording End Timer in Quick Setting, you can set the recording end time as 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, or 5 hours, which is very convenient.

Galaxy S23 Camera Features Hyperlapse

[Star Trails]
Once you click on 300x speed, the Star Trails icon will be available in the lower right corner. Click on it to shoot as a Star Trails video.


If you are looking to capture something amazing and want to record for a long time such as 300x speed, install Camera Assistant, a downloadable app from the Galaxy Store, and you can set the screen to save power when recording for a long time through the “Dim screen during recording ” setting. Try to use the battery efficiently through this setting.


With the new Galaxy S23, you can now use a phone camera with 4K 60fps HDR10+ mode. According to the official information, the company also improved picture quality processing performance. The images/videos will show you richer colors and contrast ratios.

2. Photo

Night Photography

One of the major upgrades that come in the latest flagship S23 Series device is the Night Photography. The company has provided enhanced AI ISP to improve sharpness, noise, and brightness in extremely low light conditions.

The improved NPU performance brings the minimum exposure time, so you can take detailed and bright pictures more comfortably and quickly even at night.

Galaxy S23 Camera Features Night Photography

High pixel

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone is launched with a 200MP main camera. With the 200MP photos, you can capture the images with clarity and it also delivered the smallest details of the image.

Galaxy S23 Camera Features High pixel

Take the best high-resolution photos with adaptive pixel technology and AI image processing technology for each light level. Take the best high-resolution photos with AI image processing technology.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Features High pixel


Rear portrait mode utilizes AI to improve boundary accuracy in low light. In front portrait mode, perspective and borders can also be improved to create a natural blur effect over distance.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Features Warm Tone


The newly added Warm Tone gives you a new experience in the selfies. Warm Tone expresses a warm and soft skin tone, and Natural Tone expresses a clear and three-dimensional skin tone.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Features Selfie

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Features Warm Tone

In addition, through the AI ​​Object Aware Engine, the image quality optimized for each element such as hair, skin, eyes, and nose is applied, and the hair, eyes, etc. are clearly expressed.

Professional-grade shooting experience

Rear 50MP, front support

Through Expert RAW and Pro mode, the Galaxy S23 offers 50MP high-resolution rear camera and front camera, expanding the Expert RAW shooting experience with all lenses and multiple resolutions.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Camera Features Rear 50MP RAW front support

12-bit raw in Pro Mode and 16-bit computational raw files created by compositing multiple images in Expert RAW are now supported.

Multiple exposure

Just like the One UI 5 in Galaxy S22, the multiple exposures feature is also available in Galaxy S23 One UI 5.1. You can take original, creative, and professionally staged photos by taking multiple shots and presenting one composite photo.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Camera Features Multiple exposure, Astrophotography


You can take astrophotography through multi-frame compositing and AI segmentation according to the movement of celestial bodies.

Custom shooting experience

With Samsung’s Camera Assistant, you can easily change the detailed settings of the camera.

New features

Instant Recording: Takes a picture the moment the shutter is pressed. Use it when you want to capture a quick moment .

Darken the screen during recording: Prevents malfunction and provides power saving effect during Hyperlapse and long-time recording.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Camera Features

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