Samsung Sound Tower (Giga Party Audio) getting January 2023 update

Samsung Sound Tower (Giga Party Audio) is now getting a new app update. The latest update is rolling out with version 0.0.71.

Samsung Sound Tower (Giga Party Audio) 0.0.71 Changelog

Fixed some APP bugs, changed to support new SoundTower models (MX-ST40B, MX-ST50B, MX-ST90B series).

Samsung Sound Tower can control quickly and easily DJ Effect, various lightings, and many more in any place with our exclusive application.

1. Your party’s ambience changing from the palm of your hand
: Via Samsung Sound Tower(Giga Party Audio) App, you can choose your songs, your sound mode as well as various lightings.
In your hand, you can upgrade easily and quickly your party’s mood

2. Optimized UI design for any parties
: With a simple and intuitive UI design, you will be able to control any functions very swiftly.

Download the latest Samsung Sound Tower (Giga Party Audio) App 0.0.71 APK here.

Samsung Sound Tower

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