Samsung Display filed a complaint against 17 smartphone repair shops in the US over their use of illegal panels

Reportedly Samsung Display has lodged a complaint against 17 smartphone repair shops in the US. This is for the use of “illegal” panels that are questionable of having disobeyed its highly enlightened OLED patents. The news is revealed by industry sources.

Since the display-making unit of Samsung Electronics is a market leader. It makes up almost 70 percent of OLED panels that are used in high-end mobile devices. The range includes Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone smartphones.

In this complaint, Samsung appealed to the repair shops to stop importing the panels using its tech without proper permission. This comes under Section 337 of the US Tariff Act of 1930. Whereas, after following the filing, US International Trade Commission, the US trade watchdog, is all set to launch an investigation soon.

Diamond Pixel and Eco Square Technologies

Talking about Technologies that are in question include Diamond Pixel and Eco Square technologies. Unveiled first in 2013, the Diamond Pixel deposits red, blue, and green dots in the shape of diamonds on the panel. This is to enhance the accuracy of the pictures. The same is compared to the conventional square-shaped pixel technology.

In the interim, the Eco Square technology decreases power consumption while improving the camera functionality of foldable phones. These two techs are supposed to be the key factor behind Samsung’s OLED supremacy. As per industry sources, Samsung is going to take action against the US repair shops.

“If Samsung directly filed a complaint against the Chinese companies, it could grow into a patent war with China,” an industry source close to the matter told The Korea Herald on condition of anonymity. “The company is sending an indirect warning to them by raising the issue with the importers.”

Followed to the news, the advanced patent system of the US is the primary reason for Samsung’s latest legal action. Alternatively, a possible import ban on the Chinese panel maker is predicted to be the reason for the deal with the repair shop. It comprises of MobileSentrix, Injured Gadgets, and DFW Cellphone & Parts, located across US states.

“There are already several complaints about poor image quality or camera malfunctions of phones with Chinese panels,” said an industry official who wished to be unnamed.

This latest legal action came into existence after Samsung Display’s statement, it was part of its responsibility to protect its patent for consumers.

“We are actively looking into ways to better protect our intellectual property rights, an outcome of the hard work of all company officials,” said Choi Kwon-young, executive vice president at Samsung Display, during an earnings conference call in February last year.

“Using legitimate technology and protecting its value is part of our duty for clients and customers. We will make our best effort to establish righteous governance culture,” Choi added.

Samsung Display filed a complaint against 17 smartphone repair shops in the US over their use of illegal panels

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