Samsung launches new outdoor LED series

Samsung’s new digital out-of-home (DOOH) LED displays offer many options to operators: easy content processing, flexible use of advertising space, and several advertising customers can be served at the same time.

As the digital out-of-home market is growing these days. Therefore manufacturers focused on the development of the hardware. With the new holistic XHB outdoor LED series with its own processing. Samsung repositioning itself on the DOOH market and focusing particularly on image quality, the growing digital out-of-home market. Let’s know more about the recent release.

Samsung’s new outdoor LED series

In Europe in OOH advertising LED walls are now also playing a growing role. Concerning the weather conditions, the product is also efficient for individual requirements.

A complete solution including hardware and Samsung’s own software with high image quality Samsung is introducing a display for outdoor use that is intended to enrich the market. That’s accompanied by the new XHB series.

With the latest Samsung technology, Samsung’s XHB series is equipped with a powerful S-Box. Whether at bus stops, in front of supermarkets, on the platform, or in stadiums. The XHB series delivers captivating images. At the same time, Samsung’s own processing ensures that the hardware and software are coordinated.

Steven Pollok, Head of Product Management & Operations CE Display at Samsung Electronics says: 

“We have set ourselves the goal of offering the DOOH market a holistic, one-stop outdoor LED solution that is weatherproof while delivering the image quality that our customers have come to expect from Samsung products. And we’re pleased that we’ve succeeded with the XHB series.”

The XHB outdoor displays can deliver clear and brilliant images in the sun or rain, day and night with a constant maximum brightness of 8,000 nits. The IP66 water-resistant design secures the display in the rain, while the fanless heat-dissipation technology and anti-UV housing prevent overheating in direct sunlight.

Samsung offers reliable outdoor performance under different weather conditions, in these many ways. The display of the LH080XHBTAS model runs with a 700 W/m² power consumption. Which enables a reduced energy consumption of up to 22.2% compared to the previous models. The installation of the LED wall – no matter what format – is very easy thanks to the cabinets, each weighing only 23.8 kg. In addition, the approx. 99.4 mm thin display is less than half the thickness of conventional outdoor LEDs.

With a variety of matching housing options, including flat, L-shaped, curved, and facade, businesses can get their display in the optimal shape, size, and curvature for their environment. The XHB series offers a wide range of design options for different business environments.

Additionally, Samsung’s customers can benefit from the reliable Samsung service that supports the implementation of individual scenarios as well as repairs and maintenance. Samsung’s new XHB outdoor LED series will be available on the German market from January 2023.


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