Samsung decided payment rate for each division

Samsung Electronics has set certain plans to pay employees with performance bonuses for their contributions, it decided to pay 50% of the annual salary of the DS division in charge of the semiconductor business.

As said in the sources Samsung Electronics confirmed and notified the OPI payment rate for each business division last year at 2:00 pm on the 27th. OPI is nothing but Samsung Electronics’ representative performance bonus paid once a year.

At the lowest rate of 7% the home appliance and medical device divisions were all set. A maximum of 50% of the individual annual salary is paid within the limit of 20% of the excess profit. When The annual performance exceeds the target for each division. That is supposed paid at the end of January each year.

Although the performance in the third quarter of the previous year deteriorated due to the recent sluggish semiconductor industry, it is said that a high level of OPI payment rate was confirmed as the target operating profit was achieved thanks to the boom in the first half. 50% of the annual salary will be received by the DS division. The level is similar to the previous year but higher than that of other divisions.

It is known that 37% of the MX (mobile) division, 27% of the network division, 24% of the VD (video display) division in charge of the TV business, and 7% of the home appliance division and medical device division are allocated. In the DX (device experience) division, the payment rate is different for each division.

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