Samsung 2nd Unpacked March 2023 event: What to expect?

Samsung’s forthcoming flagship Unpacked event is a few days away from now, and before it appears it’s officially unpacked. We already have many of the details and specifications of the leaked Galaxy S23 and new Galaxy Book 3 laptops around the corner.

At the same time, Samsung is unlikely to pause with the product discloser through launches after the February 1 Unpacked wraps up. While product lunch could be in the works after that, as leaker Evan Blass has tweeted that Samsung apparently scheduling a 2nd Unpacked event on March 30.

Although the actual tweet was deleted later Blass again tweeted about the event again. This is confirmed through Tom’s Guide via DM that March 30 will be the next scheduled date for the 2nd Unpacked.

Samsung Unpacked March: What to expect?

Talking about this event, the Galaxy A series is the main highlight as Blass claims. Here, the attention seeker going to be a new Samsung Galaxy A54, the same replace the Galaxy A53. This Galaxy is tipped to acquire a few upgrades with respect to its predecessor. It comprises a wider screen and a powerful bigger battery.

Although, the main rear camera going to be downgraded in terms of megapixels. Therefore, it going to pack with a 50MP sensor instead of the 64Mp main sensor that was found debuted in the Galaxy A53. Then there is Samsung Galaxy A34, which is supposed to replace the Galaxy A33. Notably, A33 is a phone that only came out in Europe last year.

We’ve already seen Samsung’s Galaxy A14, which the phone maker unveiled at CES 2023. The A14 costs just $199 but still offers nice features like a 90Hz display and a micro SD card slot. The A14 is already available for purchase. Meanwhile, rumors suggest Samsung plans to scrap the Galaxy A74, meaning no successor for last year’s Galaxy A73.

Apart from these details, the most essential aspect is the chipset that everyone has their eye over. Since the predecessor of both A54 and A34 phones were powered by Exynos chipsets, they were homegrown by Samsung. Concurrently, the rumored specs suggest both these follow the suit. Moreover, here Galaxy S23 series is supposed to use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 from Qualcomm, that definitely going to benefit the flagship.

Samsung March 2023 Unpacked Event

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