Samsung ranks second in CIS (CMOS) market share

According to the new report from the market research firm Omdia, Samsung Electronics ranks second in the CIS market revenue and share in Q3 2022. In the number one position, Sony dominates the global CMOS image sensor (CIS) market.

As per the below datasheet, in the third quarter of last year, Sony’s CIS market share exceeded 50% in three years and achieved 51.6% share. While the Samsung Electronic market in the second position counted at 15.6% (declined as compared to last). The overall size of the global CIS market in the third quarter of last year was $4.733 billion which gives approx. an increase of 13.6% compared to the second quarter of the same year ($4.168 billion).

For your information, the Complementary-Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) Image Sensors (CIS) which is also known as Active Pixel Sensors (APS), are the most popular imager technology with several billion manufactured every year.

CIS (CMOS) share Q3 2022

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics sales in the third quarter of last year were only $740 million. Samsung Electronics has consistently achieved sales of 800 to 900 million dollars per quarter in the CIS market, but it declined sharply in the third quarter.

Following Sony and Samsung Electronics, Omnivision ($460 million, 9.7% share), ON Semi ($330 million, 7.0%), and Galaxy Core ($188 million, 4.0%) have 3-5 positions respectively. SK Hynix recorded $180 million in sales in the third quarter, ranking sixth.

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