YouTube Music released redesign library tab for Android and iOS

Now YouTube Music is prevailing great when they do a major redesign of the Library tab, while users have experienced some changes in the past August that were bandaged in a few weeks.

Since YouTube Music’s relaunch in 2018 were remain unchanged in duration, this update knock after a long time. As part of an update, YouTube Music immediately shows you content. As Home and Explore (previously Hotlist), as well as Now Playing, got modernized, Library remained a last played carousel and category list.

‘View my’ appears as the first item in the updated tab helping you to switch between Library, Downloads, Uploads, and Device files. Then there is a rapid alternative by double-tapping that tab in the bottom bar to quickly pull up that sheet.

// Compared to the design that rolled out last year, History has been elevated to the app bar next to Cast, so you no longer have to open your account menu for a list of recent tracks.

A row of chips for Playlists, Songs, Albums, and Artists to filter visualize to you through the list that makes up the rest of this page. Selecting the first three choices will show a new Downloaded filter, while Artists is accompanied by one for Subscriptions.

Before that time there was a dropdown menu of Recent activity, Recently added, and Recently played, as well as A to Z or Z to A when you filter down. The default FAB lets you add a New playlist, while “Shuffle all” is the other main actor.

On Android (version 5.38) and iOS (5.39), the YouTube Music redesign prompt just above the bottom bar after force-stopping with the blue “Navigation your Library just got earlier.” This will be appearing on both phones and tablets from 11 January 2023.

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