How to use Spotify on your Samsung Galaxy Watch

Spotify is a beautiful app for experience, you can connect and enjoy one device to remotely control listening to your favorite tracks, podcasts, or even audiobooks on another. So, for this article, our concern is wholly about streaming music on Spotify through your smartwatch. This could be something very significant you need to know, to access a particular feature.

So, while we are on the board talking about the Samsung Galaxy Watch can be optimized for your better experience of music listening. Samsungs’ Galaxy Watch has an elegant design and excellent functionality as you can observe if you own. These features are perfectly deserving, either through your smartwatch’s built-in speaker, or your phone or other connected Bluetooth devices. So, you as well surely have a title to serve with some of the best of its worth.

Getting Started With Spotify on Your Wear OS Smartwatch

In Spotify, there is a feature that allows streaming and controlling music playback remotely with a range of connected devices named Spotify Connect. To use Spotify on your watch, you’ll need to pair it with your phone first. You can then listen to music on supported devices—whether it’s your smartphone or Bluetooth earbuds, or smart speakers. The special point to note is that this works primarily with the Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch 4, and Galaxy Watch 5 devices. You can also do it with some other Wear OS watches, like a Pixel Watch.

To get started, you’ll need to download the Spotify app on your smartphone, and on your smartwatch as well.

Download: Spotify for Android iOS (Free, subscription available)

How to Control Spotify on Your Phone With Your Samsung Galaxy Watch

To set up Spotify on your smartwatch to play music through your phone, you’ll need to pair it with the Spotify account on your connected smartphone. Let’s get started with the steps that you can achieve the desire.

  1. On your smartphone, launch the Spotify app, and log in with your details. Make sure they’re connected over the same network, and the Bluetooth functionality is enabled.
  2. Next, open the app on your smartwatch. A pairing code will appear. Tap Pair on the Phone. Alternatively, you can visit the Spotify website and enter the code.
  3. Check your connected smartphone for the confirmation screen. Tap Pair now to complete the setup. Your watch will get connected automatically to the Spotify account on your phone.
  4. Next, on your smartwatch, tap the device icon at the bottom. Select Your phone from the available device options. Please note that you can’t select your watch for audio output.
  5. Swipe left to access your music lists or collections. Select an audio track or podcast and hit Play. The track will start playing on your phone.

How to Play Music Directly on Your Samsung Galaxy Watch

Under the above heading, you could come across how you can connect to the Spotify web player or desktop app on your smartwatch. While it is understood that listening to playlists, radio stations, and podcasts directly on your Galaxy Watch is quite fizzy.

So, here you can see how you can connect your Smartwatch and web player over the same network:

  1. Open Spotify in your web browser. Scroll down to the bottom-right corner, and tap the device icon.
  2. You can see all of your connected devices—your web browser, smartphone, and other devices on the same network.
  3. Next, on your smartwatch, swipe up to access your app drawer, then launch the Spotify app.
  4. Swipe left to bring up your playlists/library. You’ll get limited playlist options unless you’re a Spotify premium user. Select a track you’d like to listen to.
  5. Your smartwatch should now be visible in the list of connected devices on your web player. If not, double-check that your smartwatch and the web player are connected over the same network.
  6. Select your watch, and tap Play to start playback directly on your smartwatch.
  7. You can now control the playback settings (pause, skip, and favorites) right from your watch.

If it happens it will not work then, can refresh the web player, or close it and try again. You can also control the audio output at any time—phone, smartwatch, web browser, or other streaming devices. Similarly, you can adjust the volume controls.

How to Stream Music on Your Galaxy Watch Using Google Assistant

Here is this feature of Spotify. You can set up Google Assistant on your smartwatch. Once done, you can link your Spotify account to control music playback with Google Assistant voice commands. Here’s how to do this:

  1. On your smartphone, open the Google app. Tap the profile icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Music. Under the More music services section, tap Spotify.
  3. On the confirmation screen, tap Continue > Agree and continue.
  4. Enter your Spotify account credentials. Read the terms and tap Agree to confirm.
  5. Your accounts will now be linked. You can use Google Assistant on your smartwatch and connected phone(s) to access Spotify’s music controls.

How to Use Spotify on Your Samsung Galaxy Watch


As our source said, for some devices, you might even require a Spotify Premium account to use the feature. So, it very necessarily needed to Select models such as the Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active 2, and some others that support direct audio output.

Hope the content could be helpful for you have some more ideas and suggestions to give you can surely share them and drop them in the suggestion box below. By the time for more news and updates and other technical information, @Samnew24 will consistently provide you with, stay tuned forever.



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