Google Workspace apps get improvements on tablets and foldables

Google, the tech firm put their persistent efforts in order to provide support to big screens devices. Specifically, it includes tablets and foldable phones. As a part of this, Google is updating a couple of its Workspace apps and parallelly adding drag and drop improvements and full mouse support to the same. While this would also be a result as the company is reportedly working on Google Pixel tablets. It expects to roll out soon in the market.

While, in the official workspace blog, Google declares that Google Slides does not provide support for dragging and dropping text and images from one slide to another. Also, a user can perform the action from one slide to another app as well, in the case of the other app supporting the feature. And because other Google apps also provide support for this feature. Therefore, it is parallelly beneficial for you when working across different Google apps respectively.

Google Drive is now enabled to drag and drop files and folders within Drive

Google Drive, which is the cloud storage app, is now enabled to drag and drop files and folders within Drive. It can be done in both single-window and two-window modes. Notably, earlier it enables users to drag and drop the files and folders in order to upload them to the drive. While Google Docs also now completely supports the computer mouse. It means a user can now select text with the help of their mouse click gesture and dragging it.

Additionally, all of these features and functionality are being introduced for a bunch of Google Workspace apps. At the same time, it also depicts that Google is all set with its apps ready. In order to launch the same for big-screen devices. Although, there are no official words for when Google plans to launch the Pixel tablet. But is quite sure is getting things all set before the arrival.

Also, there are rumors circulating all around that the company is launching the Pixel tablet in 2023. Whereas, subsequently, it would go up against the famous tablet from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab S9. At the same time, speculations are widespread that Google could launch a ‘Pro’ model of the Pixel tablet as the direct competition for the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

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