Samsung smartphone camera module market stepped into the Spring and Autumn Warring States era

Reportedly, the news coming as the Samsung Electronics smartphones camera module market has stepped into the Spring and Autumn Warring States era. While talking about Camsys mobile phone module sales that were recorded ahead of Patron. This is the third quarter and is based on the cumulative basis of this year. While Power logic has been labeled as the “Big 3” of this market has a need to worry. While based on the results of the fourth quarter, the performance ranking of Samsung smartphone camera module suppliers may change again.

As per the industry, the cumulative business sales of Samsung Electronics smartphone camera module suppliers in the third quarter. It includes MCNEX (562.5 billion won), Cammsys (560 billion won), Patron (526.2 billion won), Power Logics (465.1 billion won), Namuga (397.7 billion won), CoAsia Optics (276.4 billion won) respectively.

Additionally, PowerLogics sum up the sales of vehicle camera modules. While on the other hand MCNEX (KRW 123.6 billion) and Patron (KRW 91.1 billion) record sales of vehicle camera modules separately. Also, the ratio of Samsung smartphones in the mobile camera module business of MCNEX and Patron. And in regards to the camera module performance of the remaining companies are impeccable.

Talking of the companies that recorded the most cumulative sales in the third quarter is Cammsys. As it generated 560 billion from mobile phone camera modules. Out of cumulative sales of KRW 583.6 billion in the third quarter. Whereas in terms of camera module sales alone. It is comparatively less than MCNEX (562.5 billion won), but it exceeds Patron (526.2 billion won).

Samsung sales are sluggish due to the sluggish business circumstances

Also, it is being said that Camsy’s huge sales in camera modules. Until the third quarter of this year are mainly due to the leading suppliers of the 50 million pixel main camera. Especially in the mid to high-end Galaxy A13 series, which has shipments of tens of millions of units. While complete Samsung sales are sluggish due to the sluggish business situation.

In addition to the above info, Powerlogics that until last year kept Patron, MCNEX, and Samsung’s mobile camera module partners. These three claimed as a ‘Big 3’, fall to fourth place in the category. This record with cumulative sales of 465.1billion won in the third quarter of this year.

The sectoral’s overall ranking probably again going to change depending on Q4 results. In contrast, in the fourth quarter of this year, Samsung Electronics will be predicted to mass-produce camera modules for the flagship Galaxy S23 series. As reciprocal to this, Patron has calculated mobile phone camera module sales separately from mobile phone parts sales respectively.

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