Stream your audio from a Galaxy phone to your Windows 11 PC

Samsung will be more appreciated when the partnering Microsoft firm cooperates via launching two new features to Windows 11, including streaming audio from a Galaxy phone to your Windows 11 PC.  Samsung gets a prior shipment from Google (for Android and Wear OS) and Microsoft (for Windows) is being confronted that it is a few steps ahead of other smartphone OEMs in software collaboration with platform developers.

Stream your audio from a Galaxy phone to your Windows 11 PC 

The Phone Link app of Windows 11 soon allows one’s Galaxy smartphone to stream music from their phone to their Windows 11 PC or laptop. Select users have started spotting this feature in the latest version of the Phone Link app. As same, we used AirPlay or Spotify Connect. Although, just now we cannot say whether this feature works over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. On Galaxy smartphones, audio plays back can be streamed directly wirelessly to a Windows computer.

Phone Link app’s Continuity Browser History feature 

Secondly, though, the Phone Link app’s Continuity Browser History feature, where users can switch between their Galaxy smartphone and Windows 11 computer. Where still be able to continue browsing the web from where they left off.

You could continue browsing the webpages from their smartphone to their Windows computer as Microsoft also added the ability for Galaxy users. A Samsung phone’s Samsung Internet web browsing history will be visible on a Windows PC.


So, hope you got the idea that you could stream audio with Windows 11 from a Bluetooth device like an Android phone to your PC. You could stream music or podcasts directly from your phone to your PC. And play it back via your PC’s speaker or headphones. This is part of the reason why One UI is far ahead of other Android OEM software. These two features could come to other Android smartphones, but they’re now limited to Samsung smartphones.

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