Samsung chairman meets with Spanish Prime Minister

On the 18th of November, when Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez was on a visit to Samsung‘s hometown in Korea, Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae-Yong have words with him, a convocation with president Yoon Suk-Yeol. The gathering followed after the leader of both countries communicate outface.

The Spanish prime minister said that his visit to Korea was intended to give momentum to collaboration between the two countries in various sectors, including the economy and culture. Pedro Sanchez uploaded a photo of his meeting with Lee on Instagram.

Spanish prime minister wrote on Instagram affectionally.

“I am very pleased with some of the announcements made on the occasion of my trip to Seoul, and that will have very beneficial effects for the two countries.” 

“Spain and Korea are getting closer and getting to know each other better. And, what is more important, they are more determined to work side by side.”

Samsung chairman meets with Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez

Purposely, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez share words to manufacture semiconductors in Spain somewhat like asking Lee Jae-Yong.  Once before, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee visited Madrid, and Pedro asked for Samsung’s investment in his country in September.

Previously, the Spanish government released a plan to invest 12 billion euros ($12 billion) in the chip industry, with the aim of convincing global chipmakers. Which includes Samsung Electronics, to produce sub-5nm chips in Spain. According to industry officials, U.S.-based Cisco decided to make investments in the European country.

Before the omen take place between Sanchez and Lee, the Spanish government already passes on its official website that the prime minister will have talks with the Samsung chairman on Friday. A day before the meeting, Sanchez also visited the tech giant’s Pyeongtaek production facility in Gyeonggi Province, to discuss cooperation in the chip industry.

On Thursday, the Spanish prime minister during his visit was also respected through visited Samsung Electronics Device Solutions. President Kyung Kye-Hyun and Foundry Business Division President Choi Si-young were also at the summit.

Pedro is convinced in the context of the upgradation of the development of the semiconductor industry in the native country. While on a visit to Samsung’s manufacturing plant located in the city south of Seoul with President Yoon Suk-Yeol.

“Semiconductors are a very critical area in the world economy.”  “And Spain is looking to develop this area further in the future.”

Samsung chairman meets with Spanish prime minister


Samsung seems to be very visionary to expand and implement futuristic plans for betterment. Therefore on the same day, the Samsung chairman met with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, as well as ASML CEO Peter Wennink, all of whom came to Korea this week.

Lee also reportedly met earlier this week with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who visited Korea to attend the U.S. firm’s event for programmers here. Hope this would be beneficial for Samsung and appreciated by you all. What will be your expression in the same context? I’ll be curious to know you, just dump it in the comment box. If the reading satisfies stay tuned to know more news and updates via @Samnews24…



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