Samsung Bespoke Infinite Line 1 door refrigerator sense human’s touch

Samsung takes something to a place for the first time, something that has an elegant design surely cannot doubt the quality of Samsung product, the ‘ Bespoke 1 -Door Refrigerator.’ The product won the ‘ won the Grand Prix Award at the ’22nd Ergonomic Design Award’. The refrigerator is designed to fit perfectly into your kitchen and is elaborate handsome kitchen furniture.

The awarded product make its consumer satisfied with arresting human understanding features and designs that carefully consider users throughout the product. The ‘ Bespoke 1 -door Refrigerator ‘ is manufactured to fit the average depth of domestic kitchen furniture, 700mm, so it improves the inconvenience of only the refrigerator protruding alone, and it is characterized by a perfect and neat appearance as if it were a single piece of furniture. With this ‘ kitchen fit ‘ design, it captures two things at the same time: ‘meticulousness that does not interfere with the user ‘s movement line ‘ and ‘ sophisticated interior effect ‘.

Via ‘Auto open door’ can now open a door with a light touch

Now, ‘ Auto Open Door ‘ is a function that indulges newly that allows you to open the door of your refrigerator easily by simply placing your hand on the sensor. The sensor of the auto open door was praised for its meticulousness in calculating and applying the sensor to a height that even a child or physically handicapped user can easily touch. Herein we can easily store our groceries in an easy-to-reach place, Multi Pantry & Auto Dual Ice Maker is perfectly provided according to the need of the kitchen.

The refrigerator has separated parted for a kimchi refrigerator, and wine refrigerator ‘that can store various items, and an ‘ auto dual ice maker ( freezer )’ at an optimal location of 805mm that is easy to reach, with its multi-pantry system. So that frequently used items can be conveniently taken out and used. This height is the result of calculating the optimal height considering the elbow height and shoulder height of a short woman and a tall man.

Even the depth of the space that does not open at the inner end of the drawer when opening the multi-pantry drawer is ergonomically designed. By minimizing the depth of the remaining space that cannot be opened to 67mm, it is designed so that even items stored deep inside the drawer can be easily retrieved even when the drawer cannot be fully opened.

‘Multry-pantry’ can store more foods with less fuss

  • The ‘Bespoke 1-door Refrigerator’ has a multi-pantry that can store foods that are difficult to store, such kimchi refrigerator, and wine refrigerator for kimchi, wine, meat, and fish, at the optimal temperature.
  • It automatically creates two types of ice, such as a ‘ cube ‘ type, so you can enjoy ice conveniently according to various uses.
  • ‘Autofill water purifier’ reduces the time you spend in front of the refrigerator and fills your water with full water purity in no time with solve hygiene tensions.
  • The ‘ Auto Peel Water Purifier’ is located inside the refrigerator compartment, but the ‘ Auto Open Door function makes it easy to open and pour water. It automatically fills the 1.4L large-capacity water bottle.

Efficiency to conveniently store tall and wide pots

The space is provided in between shelves, providing users with sufficient space height that secures more than 172mm in a bespoke one-door refrigerator. The spacing of 172mm or more between the shelves is the maximum height considering the width of the gripping hand of the 95th percentile of adult males. It can be easily used without any space to store groceries. The shelf is designed to be foldable, and a space up to 417mm in height can be used, so that even bulky pots and bowls can be stored comfortably in addition.

The refrigerator shelf can be opened and closed with a maximum force of 25 N or less. basis of the minimum force of a woman, a comfortable force to use, and the maximum force of the pushing method using two or more fingers. Depth adjustment of the folding shelf can also apply to delicate ergonomic design standards.

Refrigerator doors open up to 115 degrees coolly – ‘Built-in Hinge’

Since refrigerators are often installed inside kitchen furniture, the degree of opening when the refrigerator door is opened is limited. So it is inconvenient to store items in a narrow space. The Bespoke Refrigerator Infinite Line has secured a door opening angle of up to 115 degrees by borrowing the door design of the best built-in product. The refrigerator door can be opened wider than before, greatly improving the inconvenience of putting in and taking out items.

‘Tunnel Lighting’ lighting that evenly illuminates the inside of the refrigerator and provides ergonomic recommended illumination. Now you can open the refrigerator door coolly. The ‘ tunnel lighting ‘ illuminates a light on three sides evenly, providing a sufficient ergonomic brightness range of 200 lux or more. With this, you can easily check items in the corners of the refrigerator.

Bespoke 1-door refrigerator Bespoke 1-door refrigerator Samsung Bespoke 1-door refrigerator Samsung Image Bespoke 1-door refrigerator Samsung Image 2 Bespoke 1-door refrigerator Samsung Image 1


The Bespoke Infinite Line 1 -door refrigerator is as easy to operate, and gives the most ergonomically excellent product in all industrial sectors. Instead of the handle sticking out from the outside, a clean and elegant design without extra fuss enhances the quality of the kitchen interior. This is the perfect combination of innovative functions and services but also carefully considers user convenience. I am pretty sure you like the bouquet full advantages of the Bespoke Infinite Line 1 -door refrigerator.

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