Gamers Around the World Meet Odyssey Ark

Samsung Electronics unfurl the new addition Odyssey Ark, the Ark crew experiences it for the very first time at Samsung 837, New York, U.S., and Samsung KX, London, U.K.

When Samsung organize the launch parties for Samsung Oddessy Ark and the ultimate gathering of the top gamers and esports pros, including SypherPK, Loughh, Stoopzz, Alyska, Calfreezy, and Konstantin. They experience innovative and unique gaming interaction with the newly dubbed as “Ark Crew.” They really enjoyed the Ark’s immersive, unparalleled gaming experience, on its first journey.

Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand also indulge in the Odyssey Ark gaming experience

At Samsung Display Tech Summit 2022, Oddesset took ist center stage after its initial launch in Bangkok, Thailand. The Odyssey Ark’s round pods are inspired by the curved screen booths, found major reason for arresting environment. That built using round pods inspired by the curved screen, attracted visitors’ attention, and provided an incredibly immersive experience.

In addition to captivating visitors at the summit, the Odyssey Ark wowed viewers at Siam Paragon Mall Game Festival Roadshow in Thailand and the Great Wall City Mall Pop-up Roadshow in Singapore in October.

Local media in Australia and New Zealand also enjoyed a sneak peek of the Odyssey Ark at a preview event, getting hands-on experience with a racing game zone designed for an immersive experience through the 55-inch screen. The screen attracted a lot of attention and introduced the next generation of gaming, one based on immersion and led by the Odyssey Ark.

Meeting Gamers Where They Are: Brasil Game Show, PAX West, and TwitchCon

In São Paulo of Brasil, the Odyssey Ark Game Show 2022 was held as Latin America’s largest gaming show. The Samsung booth showcased several models, including the Odyssey Ark and Odyssey Neo G9, in experience zones where gamers could see the difference Samsung can make. This was the first public debut of the it, and it received a lot of fanfare.

At the same duration, Argentina Game Show 2022 in Buenos Aires captured the complete attention of gamers through the Odyssey Ark. Exhibition attendees counted more than 100,000 who visited Samsung’s booth. Coscu, a famous gamer with more than four million subscribers, was one of them and helped attract more visitors to Samsung’s booth during the event.

To connect with U.S. gamers, Samsung brought the Odyssey Ark to a number of popular gaming festivals, including PAX West held in Seattle and TwitchCon in San Diego. Samsung had more than 250 Odyssey monitors at PAX West’s PC Area. The dedicated Odyssey Ark booth built in collaboration with ReedPop impressed gamers with the 55-inch 1000R curved screen’s overwhelming presence, grabbing significant attention, particularly.

At TwitchCon in San Diego, where more than 30,000 well-known Twitch content creators gathered, to the continuation of the journey. Samsung partnered with esports organization TSM and gave attendees the opportunity to experience the Odyssey Ark, Odyssey Neo G9, and Odyssey G7.

Getting Smart at Smart Arena, Popping Off at POP CON, and Being a Hero at HeroFest

Then in one of the biggest gaming markets, Europe Odyssey Ark was awaited as the city country consisted of famous gamers and curious too. In September Odyssey lineup at the Smart Arena in Milan came in out.

The famous streamers and entertainers, including Jakidale and Bryan Box, along with esports team Morning Stars players Piz, Belix and Predage, tested the Odyssey Ark and shared their live reactions with their online audiences. Then it moved to ZURICH POP CON in Zurich and HeroFest in Bern, followed by GameForce in Brussels and Dreamhack in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The journey then heads on and on with the arresting and futuristic gaming experience of Oddessy Ark.

Gaming Soul to the Seoul

Samsung made seven department stores across the city of Seoul in Korea where visitors can take an adventure with Odyssey Ark’s unique features. with its MultiView, Flex Move Screen, and Gaming Hub.

Gamers Around the World Meet Odyssey Ark Samsung

Gamers Around the World Meet Odyssey Ark Samsung (1)Gamers Around the World Meet Odyssey Ark Samsung (2)  Samsung Odyssey Ark


Seemingly, Odyssey Ark is rocking throughout the best countries for the gaming markets. In its first stair to the top, it significantly captured the attention that attempts to find its rest journey be successful.

Hope you praise the journey of the Odyssey Ark with its far world’s features and arresting appearance. For more news and updates and other technical information, @Samnew24 will consistently provide you, stay tuned forever.


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