YouTube Music adds out 7-day stats and active lyric features

In late August and September 2022, YouTube Music’s bimonthly recap of features launches seven-day stats and some teases about what the team is working on for its upcoming virtues.

YouTube Music has spread out private listening stats for the “Last 7 days” that can be accessed by tapping your profile avatar in the top-right corner > Your channel.

YouTube Music

This page was previously just home to “Your Recaps,” but now has new sections for Songs, Artists, Playlists, and Music Videos “on repeat.” Up to five items can appear in each list or carousel.

Meanwhile, YouTube Music has made official its MusixMatch static lyrics partnership to increase lyrics coverage. The team notes a “positive impact on lyrics consumption rates since launching,” and that this will serve as the basis for “even more Lyric features in the future.” Live/scrolling lyrics would be a great addition to match Apple Music, while a sharing feature could be nice.

YouTube Music

Google encountered that it has “optimized [its] Song radio recommendations” to the concern of gathering more artists to the board. These recommendations will factor in repetition and relevance, with Mixes benefiting from this work in the future. Some more attentive parts include are:

  • “From your library” shelf on artist pages
  • “While creating a playlist, can observe track suggestions on playlists of all sizes. Previously, we would only show suggestions for playlists which had fewer numbers of songs added (< 20 tracks on mobile & < 100 tracks on the web).”
  • “You’ll notice that when you play a song from search, we’ll now play that song followed by Autoplay recommendations, rather than launching a radio station. We’ve made these changes to make it easier for listers to turn off endless music, and to make “Play Next” work more reliably.”


These stats are based on your music listening history across YouTube Music, YouTube Main, YouTube app for TV & Console Devices as well as assistant and casting. So, here we took almost all get closer observations of the YouTube Music new feature. Hope you like the feature you can ensure it more by using it live.

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