Samsung is on work for future AR glasses – AR-bril SM-I120

For more intuitive 3D images and information such as animations and videos, Samsung’s work in progress is up on AR glasses….! Seemingly, the old prototype is to be succeeded with a new variant with model number SM-I120. That is the new working model for the Samsung hardware enhancements.

Till now Samsung is not standing for the new invention of AR glasses. We learned that a new type of AR glasses is now being tested. That is named model number SM-I120. Let’s now understand the picture under the next heading.

Samsung AR Glasses SM-I120

Samsung Electronics developed the Samsung Gear VR which is a virtual reality headset that one can easily encounter the in someone’s living room. Because of the low price, many just bought one for fun many got it for free with a Galaxy S7 or S8. But with the Galaxy S10, the last Galaxy to officially support it arrived. And since Android 12, you can no longer use the Gear VR on it either.

As much as we could find from the source, it caught the South Koreans certifying the developer kit of AR glasses with model number SM-I110 about a year ago. One thing that Samsung isn’t done with its glasses that hide – or enhance – the reality is still progress.

We do not know whether this is again a preliminary version of a device or a device kit. Output can also be like a device that could actually see commercial light in 2023.


Therefore, we have already discussed the plan for Samsung is gonna attempt to bring viable AR glasses to the market. It is expected that soon several major electronics makers do take the omen. As Apple’s glasses have been rumored for as long as Samsung’s. And several patent applications have confirmed the latter’s years-old plans.

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