Samsung brings All-New Pickle Mode Microwave

At your home, your kitchen’s aroma refreshes your surrounding tune while this Pickle Mode Microwave helps you to prepare a jar of sustain….! Samsung is said to be a leading brand in India which has a tendency of reflecting the actual need of Indians. Therefore, Samsung introduces a new version of the invention through their Pickle Mode Microwave. By which one will be able to make your favorite pickles.

This would prevent you from waiting until pickle making process will complete as you have to go through the manual making when sun-drying pickles over many days. The new microwave is made and designed especially for homemakers, millennials, and working professionals.

This kitchen appliance with this innovative Pickle Mode enables consumers to make a variety of pickles hygienically in the comfort of their homes throughout the year. The new microwave is available in 28-liter capacity with a price of INR 24,990/-.

Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India indulges some words in the fact.

“At Samsung, we continuously strive to come up with India-specific innovations that address the needs of our consumers across the country. Pickles are an integral part of every Indian meal and bring back many fond memories from our childhood. With the introduction of the Pickle Mode Microwave, we hope to make it easier for our consumers to savor the same delicious taste of homemade pickles prepared in a convenient, quick, and hygienic manner.”

The Pickle Mode Microwave makes it extremely convenient for individuals from all generations to prepare authentic and delicious pickles with minimum effort within minutes. The microwave is helpful in making a variety of pickles that want to be there in your kitchen. It would make pickles from Mangoes, Green Chilly, Indian Gooseberry, Radish, Ginger, Cauliflower, and Lemon.

The Pickle Mode Microwave also offers features to prepare Masalas, Tadka, and Sun-dry recipes. It also comes with the Slimfry feature that uses less oil for healthy cooking. The Hotblast feature helps in preparing food up to 50% faster. Even there is a feature to make Rotis and Naans in the microwave.

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