Google rolling major TTS audio quality upgrade for 64-bit Android devices

One new prime update available by Google which name will be TTS audio quality update and it’s only available for Android devices which is known as Android text to speech. So in this article, we will explore what is TTS and what was new updates available with these fresh new upcoming updates.

It’s an application that takes the word in a document web pages, pdf files, or from several other file type and then read the words in a synthetic voice.

But before moving ahead first we explain

What is TTS?

TTS stands for text-to-speech apps that can also help to cut down screen time and maximize productivity.

Google offers-

Now Google offers speech-to-speech and text-to-text speech (TTS) and text-to-speech transaction abilities for Android apps. Recently Google is spreading out a prime TTS audio quality update only for 64-bit Android models.

Android text to speech-

Android text to speech is established as conclusive and more essential sounding and seriously enhanced. The enhancement is due to the modern voice model and sequencer for 64-bit Android models.

Approx 67 languages have been updated-

Apart from that approx 67 languages have been updated. specifically advancement for EN-US from new default voice it will be constructed utilizing the modern speaker data. Google also notify other remarkable enhancement added on the prime TTS update.

Android TTS-

Maker’s previously Utilized Android TTS and speech services by Google engine will perform nothing to receive the update just because everything occurred behind the scenes as consumers remotely download the current upgrades.

As per the Play Store listing of speech services TTS makes use of the following methods:

  • Read your favorite books permit via Google play books.
  • Google translate speaks the translation aloud on you can listen how words are expressed.
  • For spokes reviews services talkbar and accessibility application are available across devices.
  • And so many other applications available in the play store app.

Google rolling major TTS audio quality upgrade for 64-bit Android devices


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