Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 hidden codes

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, comes with various enriched features and functionalities. This is the recent flagship of 2022 launched along with its sibling Galaxy Z Fold 4. The devices are enriched with a lot of enhanced features and advancements. This flip phone will come with flex mode, outstanding camera capabilities, a powerful and most efficient Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor, a Dynamic AMOLED panel, revised hinges, improved multitasking, and a new upgraded and more powerful adequate battery & OIS, IPX8-certified housing, and much more.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 codes

Here we going to show codes that can be used in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. As these are exclusively for the Flip 4 device. We have also covered the code information of Galaxy Z Fold 4 in one of our articles. Since they are quite useful at times and hence one can save them in the device as well for further use. Kindly refer to the below following codes and their usage.


It displays the IMEI and Serial Number information of the device.


The code is for Test Menu, through this Test Menu code you can test most features of your SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 4. This includes the features like LCD Display, Touch, LED light, Front and Back Cameras and much more.


This code shows the Battery Status. With this, you can have various information related to the battery of your SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 4.


By this menu, as is for USB Settings. By this code, you can change the way your SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be recognized by PC/Laptop when you are connected with a USB cable. Modes like Mass Storage, MPT, ADB, etc.


To know the Firmware version of your flip device then you can check with the above mention code. And this shows the Firmware Version as well as the Model Name of your Galaxy Z Flip 4.


Advanced Firmware Version menu allows you to check the TSP FW Version, Touch key FW version, MCU/BINFW Version and WIFI Version of the device.


The Service Mode code will let you check some details like Network Connection details and Serving Cell Info.


This is basically an Advanced Service Mode code and this code gives you access to many things in your SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 4. And this would include the info and can test things such as 2G 3G LTE WIFI etc. At the same time, it also makes you check lots of things like SIM Information, Antenna, All SW Version, IMEI etc.

Therefore, to conclude this topic, we can say that the above-mentioned codes for Galaxy Z Flip 4 are quite useful to utilise the device to its full capabilities. Also, these codes further simplify the long process in order to do certain settings.

Z Flip 4 Secret Codes


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