Rotate button gets easier to tap in Android 13 QPR1

Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1 is not exactly full of new features, but offers refinements and tuning! Previously Android has let you quickly rotate with a shortcut that appears at the corner of the screen. Now, Android 13 QPR1 makes the smallest of tweaks by making the rotate button bigger.

Android 13 QPR1 seems to make the bottom-left rotate button bigger and therefore easier to tap. The size of the rectangular rotate icon is unchanged, while the circle is nearly the size of an app. This button was first introduced in Android 9 Pie and placed on the right side of the three-button navigation bar.

After which Google introduced this floating button with Android 10’s switch to gesture navigation. While Android 12 introduced smart, camera-based rotation on Pixel phones. Third-party OEM Android devices will definitely benefit from this size increase, with Samsung’s button on tablets being particularly hard to notice.

If you are still enrolled in the Android 13 Beta, you will get a notification to download a pretty sizeable ~2GB OTA file. Just head over to the dedicated beta enrolment page and “Opt out,” and you should be removed. Google is stating that Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1 is suitable for daily use for what it’s worth.

Android 13 QPR1

The Android 13 QPR1 does not have too many other visual tweaks as of Beta 1. The other minor one is how Quick Settings tiles now include delightful animations. Unified Pixel Launcher search is looking to be the biggest change when QPR1 enters stable in the last month of the year. Now can share what you like the most also stay tuned via @Samnews24…


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