Samsung’s commitment to Foldables: Reason behind Android 12L existence

Android 12L debut with Samsung foldable flagship Galaxy Z Fold 4. And it seems like finally, we got the explanation that why this tablet-centric OS version was not unveiled through any Galaxy device before August 2022. Android 12L came into existence as a result of combined efforts made by Samsung and Google together.

However, both companies haven’t revealed much information in the past. Reportedly, a recent interview with Samsung VP Yoojin Hong reveals that Android 12L exists only because of a close collaboration between the two tech giants.

As per Yoojin Hong, who revealed at IFA 2022 that whenever we come up with some new form factor then we have to work with Google. Further, he said:

Every time we have a new form factor, we have to work with Google. At first, the exchanges are above all about enthusiasm. I remember when we had our very first conversation with the product team at Google and the product team at Samsung, with managers, software developers, etc., everyone around the table started talking about this project very enthusiastically. And as a developer, it was a very nice feeling, it was full of passion, full of ‘wow this is awesome.’ It was exciting, because we felt like we were working on a real innovation at the time.

The commitment that Google needs to make from Samsung would come in the form of an agreement from Samsung. Therefore, the condition is that if Google was to develop Android 12L, then Samsung would have to produce a new foldable every year. Hong went on to explain:

Samsung’s Yoojin Hong said: “Are we going to continue to produce this phone every year? It was their question. It was obviously very complicated to answer them, we are talking about technology. We didn’t know what was going to happen the year we ship the device, something crazy could happen, anything was possible. But we are fully committed, we have decided to say that we will go through and overcome these difficulties. So we said we were going to do it. We made a commitment at this meeting. It was a nice feeling, you know, to say, ‘yes, we’ll do it!’”

Android 12L exists, credit goes to Samsung’s commitment to foldable’s

As a result of Samsung’s commitment, they continuously released two instead of one in the last couple of years. And the same act of Samsung boosts Google’s confidence to co-develop Android 12L together. By the time, both the giant’s teams worked together on this project, the phase was really exciting, as per Samsung.

Moreover, Google wants a sort of security before going to proceed with its resources. Starts from maintaining APIs to maintenance, the same going to big undertaking for Google in terms of responsibility. And since to bring an OS without its hardware does not seems executable in the real world. So Google wanted to be sure concerning this unique OS.

Now it seems like Samsung is fully committed to foldable smartphones. And as Android 12L is officially out now, the company aims to expand its foldable range. Also, by 2025 company wants to add more foldable display devices to its flagship category.


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