How could rollable smartphones fix the foldable device issues

Foldable phones moderately take their pace and gradually become the choice of smartphone users. While Samsung is the crowned head of the entire industry. Whereas some other players are also trying to compete and grab some market share. Namely, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, TCL and Motorola are also in the same foldable segment. Notably, they all announced their foldable devices in recent times. Although they are impressive they are not widely available as Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4 devices. As we already cover some facts about rollable smartphones in our previous article. Therefore in this article, we going to see how these smartphones could change the smartphone business with their unique approaches.

Here we try to highlight the both benefits and disadvantages. Talking about foldable smartphones than they already occupied space in several hearts. They are quite excellent in numerous ways includes for multitasking, gaming, and doing many things at once. Although they are taking more space with respect to traditional phones. While there are some software quirks and compatibility issues as well.

Comparatively rollable are light in weight adding a form factor of a traditional smartphone. Whereas carrying the same features as foldable. However, there isn’t much difference between rollable and foldable smartphones. But there are a lot of changes on the inside and the way they work.

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Advantages of rollable smartphones

  • Rollable offer the same benefits as foldable smartphones but at the same time, they are more compact and much closer to traditional smartphones.
  • Talking about rollable displays then that going to be the exception in the smartphone industry. It definitely has a bright future, and it is quite easy to predict that it would become the next big category in the consumer market. And similar to the foldable they could have their own place.
  • Another good thing about rollable display panels is that they’re meant to be bent, and they’re meant to be flexible and rolled up and out. Most of the prototypes that we’ve seen lack the crease, which is currently prominent and a worrying issue for many early adopters and users – although this has been resolved by some companies such as HUAWEI, HONOR, OPPO, and other technology giants.
  • As rollable display panels are intended to bend. It is meant to be flexible and rolled out to both sides. So it overcomes the creases issues that foldable facing presently, especially to other of its followers. However, the same has been resolved by some technology giants companies such as HUAWEI, HONOR, OPPO etc.
  • These devices have better water and dust resistance protection, as they follow the criteria which enforce manufacturers to provide better inside and outside seals.
  • Another advantage is the missing hinges which make it lighter, slimmer, and more durable.
  • And it also predicts that rollable device comes with better protection to more resistant to dust, dirt, and liquids.

Samsung rollable phone concept

Disadvantages of rollable smartphones and display technology

  • Moving component is much more delicate than static components. So there are likely chances to fail and break. Although to ensure their toughness, these smartphones go through intensive tests.
  • Talking about UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) panel which is still not that great. Since the screen on foldable devices can easily get scratched by fingernails, coins in pockets as well as everyday objects. And hence new rollable devices will likely equip with newer display technologies.
  • The rollable phones require more protection than those foldable, as the primary and only display will be made out of the same material as the part of rolls out.
  • As these phones might feature a traditional phone factor when it comes to their thickness then expectedly it doesn’t pack with large batteries due to lack of space inside the chassis.
  • Rollable can be folded out and in, so it is difficult to find their cases. Therefore, there’s no protection factor unless companies come up with some silicon flexible case. That would be flexible and can be shrunk as well.


To conclude this topic, I would like to say that rollable smartphones have a bright future and could solve many real-life problems that arise with current foldable phones. At the same time, there are many unanswered points also that could be addressed and researched by the makers. So at this time, we only hope for the best version of rollable to experience.

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