How to use One UI 24-hour time lapse feature

Samsung is the world’s most popular smartphone vendor. One UI is an obvious power of Samsung, which is packed with features and namely rich Android skin on the market. Samsung  It packs a boatload of extras that you don’t get on Android skins from other OEMs, and Samsung keeps adding even more features with each major update. Samsung and one on one feature due to every succussive update. The 24-hour time-lapse feature in the Gallery app on One UI 4.1 is one of them.

Here through this guide, we are going to look towards a brief discussion about the origin of the feature and how it works. One UI 4.1 is pre-installed on the Galaxy S22 devices and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 devices.

How to use One UI’s 24-hour time-lapse feature

Here you’ll see how the 24-time lapse feature works through simple steps. The 24-hour time-lapse feature in One UI 4.1 uses AI to recognize skies or sunsets in your photos automatically. Once it recognizes skies or sunset in a photo, there is a button present that lets you create time-lapse clips of the scene with just one touch. Come on do follow the working of it.

Step:1 Open the Gallery app on your Samsung device running One UI 4.1.

Step:2 Navigate to a photo in which the sky takes up a significant part of the frame. If the AI is able to recognize the sky in the image, you should see a clock icon pop up in the bottom-left corner.

Step:3 Tap on the button and let the AI work its magic.

Step:4 Within a few seconds, the feature will deliver a 12-second time-lapse clip of the scene, complete with a soothing background score.

You can save the change by the save button. Via this, you can share it with friends in a second. There is another button if you changed your mind or don’t like the result can tap the remove button to get rid of a 24-hour time-lapse suggestion, and the time-lapse toggle will no longer show up on that particular photo.

Tip to use 24-hour time lapse feature

Samsung’s scene relighting effect creates a video that simulates a full 24-hour day-to-night time-lapse sequence by using a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to adjust the color and shading of various parts of the image. The result will be saved in the gallery.

Binding up… 

According to the testing, the feature works best in landscape photos with an empty foreground. Although the time-lapse toggle does show up on some images with a subject in the foreground. The results are slightly inconsistent. AI is doing good in lighting the subject in accordance with the changing color of the sky. How you’ll say that the feature is reliable? Share and suggest in the comment box also stay tuned via @Samnews24.

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