Samsung Pay vs Google Pay: Core difference

Samsung Pay and Google Pay are two mobile payment methods followed by their fans in the world of Android. They both are so to Apple Pay. Both Google Pay and Samsung Pay are contactless payment options that enable users to have their payment card or bank information available with just a tap of their phone or smartwatch on a payment terminal using NFC technology.

They surely consist of similarities that take two to tango. Notably, they also consist of various difference in their functionality but have the same objects. That they both avail you pay value for things by tapping your phone—or smartwatch—to a contactless payment terminal.

Setting it on your phone can be easy peasy by just following a few steps that take not more than min of 2. While after setting, add a payment option like a debit or credit card, PayPal, or your bank information, and you’re able to check out at a retailer by tapping your phone on the card reader, instead of inserting a credit card.

Peek Differences in Google Pay vs Samsung Pay

Google Pay and Samsung Pay can be set off there on your phone according to your choice or can opt for both. Now let’s revered back to the topic regarding the difference between Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Below, I am listing the information under the various subheads of the different keynotes.


Google Pay: Available for Android and Apple devices

Samsung Pay: Only available for Samsung devices

NFC Technology

Google Pay: Available to pay in stores with NFC-enabled terminals (this feature is not available with Apple devices)

Samsung Pay: Available to pay in stores with NFC-enabled terminals

Magnetic Secure Transmission

Google Pay: Not available

Samsung Pay: Able to pay with older card readers with magnetic stripe

Online payments

Google Pay: Available for app purchases and at many retailers for online checkout

Samsung Pay: Make app purchases but extremely limited availability in online merchants that support Samsung Pay

Payment Type Accepted

Google Pay: Credit or debit card, PayPal, or bank account

Samsung Pay: Credit or debit card, PayPal, or bank account


Google Pay: Coupons and cashback offers in-app

Samsung Pay: Coupons and cashback offer in-app, rewards for Samsung products purchases

Smartwatch capability

Google Pay: Compatible with WearOS

Samsung Pay: Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watches

Data Security

Google Pay: Secured by Google, multiple layers of encryption, do not share payment info with merchants

Samsung Pay: Secured by Knox by Samsung, uses tokenization and constantly monitors your device for threats

Membership Cards

Google Pay: Load membership and loyalty cards for Android devices

Samsung Pay: Load membership and loyalty cards in the app

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Samsung Pay vs Google Pay Core difference

Wrapping up…

There these were the difference between the two major useable payment methods. Google Pay and Samsung Pay can be some more related to the same if anything you find like to be noted do dump me via @Samnews24 also stay tuned for more entertainment forever…


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