Over the Horizon 2022 released by Samsung [BTS]

An all-new exposition of “above the Horizon” from SUGA of 21st century pop icons BTS was launched today. ‘Over the Horizon 2022 construct by SUGA of BTS’ is present to attend on Samsung Electronics’ social channels.

Supporting the excellent achievement of his first remix at last year’s Galaxy Unpacked, SUGA has place an optimistic, constructive new revolve on Samsung’s signature musical theme “Over the Horizon” afresh for 2022.

Samsung Galaxy first release:

Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S2 in 2011, when “Over the Horizon” was first appear, Samsung has cooperate with few or originate to reanalyzing its musical theme and make a signature sound that inspire people to provocation their restrictions.

Globally known for his documentation manufacturer capability, SUGA is the first artist to remix the song two-fold on top of manufacturing a tune for the new inclusion of the Galaxy foldables devices.

Horizon 2022:

SUGA’s perspective when performing on the ‘Over the Horizon 2022 construct by SUGA of BTS’ was to inspire people to anticipate to a better tomorrow and thought about what enthusiasm is waited ‘over the horizon.’ afterword’s, the new remix is all about assurance and brightness, and was collected so that when people hear it, they feel cheerful and confident.


From its inception as a rock-themed ringtone, the upgraded versions have place a variation of individual spins on the real theme, adding new age, instrumental pop, fusion jazz and even a Norse orchestra motivated spin.

Similar the Galaxy ecosystem, “Over the Horizon” is continuously being upgrade to throw back what is circumstances in the world, and the cooperation mould with artists pleasant to remix the theme highlight the vision of honesty and cooperate that mark the Galaxy convictions.

Excitement make for the launched:

As enthusiasm make for the release of the new Galaxy foldables, Samsung is glad to invite SUGA to back to the mixing desk to make an all-new version and music video for ‘Over the Horizon 2022 construct by SUGA of BTS.

In incorporation, ‘Over the Horizon 2022 Produced by SUGA of BTS will be present as a ringtone via an next coming software update on Galaxy models.

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