Android 13 stable: Unified Pixel launcher search is not visible

Reportedly, in the recently launched stable version of Android 13, which has been released for limited pixel devices at this point. And that’s subsequently, google going to release for other OEM devices as well.

However, through this stable version, Google has resolved a lot of issues and has come up with enriched features. Also, various issues got fixed and multiple enhancements were made in this stable release. And the changes depicted in the release changelog with respect to its existing Android 12, the bug.

Android 13 stable Unified Pixel launcher search is not visible

On the other hand, after installing the Android 13 stable release over limited pixel devices. It has been noticed by Beta users the new unified Pixel Launcher search experience has disappeared.

To be noted, unifies web and device search are among the best features on Android 13 Pixel phones. These are visible changes that came to notice and can be seen easily. The search bar which used to be present at the bottom of the home screen now appears at the top of the app grid.

The issue is seen in various Pixel 4a, 6, 6 Pro and 6a

This disappearance of the unified search bar happened after updating the devices with the stable release of Android 13 from Beta 4.1. Whereas, this includes the phones on which it is done manually through sideloaded the update. Noticeably, it also includes those that received the small on-device OTA from Beta 4.1 to stable. To be added, this issue is seen in various Pixel 4a, 6, 6 Pro and some other 6a units as well.

No Material You

It is predicted that one of the suggestive signs of this, is that the search fields are no longer equivalent. The app drawer bar is losing the ‘G’ logo, microphone, and Google Lens icon. Now, all these reflections on the home screen make the user to realises the year-old experience. As there is no evidence of Material You stylings elements.

Although at the same time, Google also notice these issues and told to resolve them in its upcoming release. Hopefully, this can be fixed via a server-side fix. Because the issue appears to have regressed without any end-user interference or app update.

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