8 Tips to make your Android phone run faster

Buying a new phone is not an option! If your Android phone has an issue that you feel like you are going slow with it. Or it may be like OS tends to go slow after a couple of months of use. But you know that your phone’s performance completely depends on your usage, and not on how long it’s been used. I have collected a bunch of tips and tricks that will help your phone not to behave slack.

Faster your Android Phone with these 8 tips

Nowadays, we are often found to collect data softcopy as running with e-commerce life and phones with mediocre hardware and functionalities are even more prone to stuttering and lag. Which will definitely help to make your android phones faster to use efficiently by reducing the lags and freezes. The major thing that could disturb, and how you can fix the problems. The approx opinions, tips, and certain techniques are listed below.

1. Restart your Android Device

The first and foremost easy way that I choose to decode prior is to Restart your Android device. as a computer behaves, in the same way, restarting the phone can help you out by maintaining any traffic occurring in your phone functionality. When you switch to reboot it removes all temporary files that sometimes fizzy does not allow to operate your device smoothly and also cleans RAM.

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All you need to do is Press and hold the Power button for 5-10 seconds to reveal the power menu. Afterward, select Restart to shut down the device and power it back on after a while.

2. Reset your Android Device

If you can recognize the tremendous symptoms and know the complexity of the condition of the phone then directly you can opt for an option that is available in your settings. There are counts of 2 ways that help you to restart your device.

Then, the question arises How to perform Factory Reset on an Android smartphone? You’ll be easy to follow certain steps that I’ll be listing.

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First, you need to go to the device setting, Tap Apps>>Tap Settings.>>Tap Backup and reset>>Tap Factory data reset.>>Tap Reset Device>>Tap Erase Everything. This method performs a soft reset on your device, which involves resetting device settings and wiping all the data, including your photos, videos, apps, and cache.

Secondly, you can choose to reset via Hard Reset, Hold the Volume up + Home + Power key at the same time. Once the Android recovery mode appears, select: wipe data/factory reset with the volume keys. Then enter with the Power key. Hence it resulted in you that you finally wipe up your data to make your Android phone fast.

3. Clear Cached App Data

You can even opt for another efficient way of clearing data in the sense of the phone going not behaving sluggishly. If you have an idea about that very app that is on your device fills space with cache data.

Clearing out the temporary memory files and catch all you need to follow certain steps:

* Go to your settings >> select apps >>choose an app that has cache (Facebook, Twitter, Chrome) and hit the clear cache. There you are that you finally get that it’s all done.

4. Clearing up the Home Screen

Although, there are many ways already listed one also that you can try while looking for how to make android phones faster. Placing live wallpaper on your home screen and widgets looks good, but it puts an extra load and impacts the performance of your device. Better to replace your live wallpaper with a static image and remove all the unused icons and widgets. The less cluttering on the home screen will increase the performance of your device.

The steps that are included that avail you to clean up your Home screen: Tap to the “clean” icon on the bottom of the screen>>“Delete unused apps.” scrolling down long in the section labeled>>then Tap on “Select apps.” there you completed the process.

5. Uninstall Unwanted Apps

To get rid of any app from your Android device that occupies extra space and has unwanted features. This may be like a ninja technique you acquire to speed up your phone.
Uninstall apps that you don’t regularly use because they run in the background and that gradually slows down your smartphone performance.

Select Start , then select Settings >>Apps >> Apps & features>>Select the app you want to remove>>then select Uninstall.

6. Install a customization ROM

It is always directed that installing a customization ROM is a good option to increase your device functionality. Custom ROMS are always safe unless you are downloading them from an authentic source. Custom ROMs are a workaround for older Android devices that no longer receive OS updates. You may also get custom ROMs that don’t include any bloatware and provide a variety of fascinating customizations and adjustments. Do some study, and you’ll discover the best custom ROM for your needs. This is how to make android phones faster.

7. Install an Anti-Virus App

There might be a reason for “Occurrence of Virus” in your device that not only slows the speed of your working progress but also corrupts your data, this will cue by the installation of Anti-Virus Apps. There is various free antivirus software, and although not all of them will provide you with full protection they are optimal to use. Several free Antivirus is completely free and offers all the security you need.

8. Free up Internal Memory

Internal storage allows the data and applications to be loaded very rapidly into memory, ready for use. But it is also a fact that consumes so much space that is not a good sign for device effectiveness. Also said that it is faster than data that is stored on an external storage device.

You can store your data in the cloud. Doing this makes your data accessible on all devices and frees up your internal memory. That memory can be used by some other app on your device and help increase the performance of your device. Considering this can lead to your device running properly.

So, these were all the tips that I have been provided through my extensive study and also techniques by the steps I have collected through different sources, for more arresting topic and information stay in touch.

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